HtbaS - Episode 150!

Woohoo! Episode 150! Three years of podcasting! My mom joins me and we talk about quilting, crying during various songs, books, and stuff.


About Pam the Head Rhombus

I like quilts, cats, math, and science fiction. Not always in that order.
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4 Responses to HtbaS - Episode 150!

  1. Kim Thompson says:

    Ain’t Nobody got time for that!

    Love it!

  2. Beth S says:

    Fun episode! :)

  3. Wow! I listened in the grocery store and attracted lots of stares while laughing out loud about the TV viewing spreadsheet and your mom’s quilting style. I am now questioning my nerd status since so many of the “unusual” spreadsheets you and your mom have created have relatives living in my computer. Hmmm…

    I loved The Fault in Our Stars. I finished the book while watching the kids swim last July 4 and startled everyone by sobbing loudly and wiping my face on a beach towel. Maybe audio books would keep me on a more even keel.

    This was a great episode. I hope you had a great trip to the quilt shop and lunch. Congratulations on 150 awesome ‘casts. I look forward to many more!

  4. Jessica says:

    Congratulations on 150 episodes & 3 years of podcasts!

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