WIP Wednesday: Scrapitudinous

Scrapitude Step 2

Well having finished the Jingle blocks, I turned my attention to the latest step for Scrapitude.  I seem, however, to have extra parts leftover; specifically, more than the 8 triangles from the 2 7/8″ squares that were mentioned. But either that will work out, or it won’t. Or I can’t count for crap.

I have plenty of cutting to catch up on as I prep for my parent’s king-sized quilt and my overnight retreat in a month. I also have the ongoing Dresden quilt parts, which are still being pieced as leaders and enders.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

And when I’m not working on quilts, I’m making a Creeper shirt for my daughter, to go with the Creeper skirt. And the Creeper headband she also wants. And I might even whip up something for ME to wear at some point since many of my clothes are starting to not fit in a way that is not suitable for wear outside the house. While I’m happy to have lost the weight, it is rather troubling to consider my pants falling off while outside my house.

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Scrapitudinous

  1. Ethel Tobin says:

    I also had more triangles left over, and like you I don’t know if I counted wrong or mis understood the instructions. Hmmmmm

  2. How are you making a creeper shirt? My son is making a creeper head but plans on wearing a plain green shirt. He is also making a jet pack out of soda bottles, even though those are not a Minecraft thingy. He just thought they were cool. I don’t think he cares about a skirt. ;)
    I am okay with a plain shirt as I also have a t-shirt to stencil for my husband (who is a non-costumer) a spider costume to assemble, and a Rosie the Riveter headscarf to hem. But if I have the time, he would appreciate a more authentic costume, so tips would be loverly!

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