HtbaS – Episode 260

This week, I talk about recovering from a 3 day migraine, my experience as a driver during the 1996 Olympics (and why that relates to last week’s podcast), FMQing, the virtual Stitch-In on Friday night, and some last minute book reviews.

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  1. Listened to the podcast …. enjoyable as per usual … hope to make the STITCH IN tonight but depends if GdS stays over or not…

    THERE is a blog that is featuring various authors and pattern designers on how to produce and sell patterns. I posted a link in the TWILTERS a while back… I will repost to you if I find it again…. I know I put it into FEEDLY.

    GYLEEN FITZGERALD was featured on THE QUILT SHOW in the past … she is known for scrappy pineapple quilts and developed a template for her process.

  2. I too have an old car. 2002. It too has a glorious cassette tape player where I suppose a CD player should be. The good news is that all is not lost on the bluetooth front. My computer engineery husband hooked my car up with a…what’s the word…off brand, no…off market, no…you know, the thing you put in the car that wasn’t made for the car….anyway. A bluetooth thing. So now I can play my itunes from my phone, through my speakers. He even hooked up a microphone so I can talk on the phone hands free. If you want the info I can get it from the man. I used to just listen to my podcasts in the car through the phone speaker, less than ideal, as I imagine your head phone solution may be.

    I love the idea about listening to The Stitch. Thanks for that.

  3. Thank you for putting the Stitch audio into your podcast feed. My first preference would be to watch, but I am at least 2 episodes behind and I fear I will just keep getting further behind.

    I loved your story about driving for the Olympics. What a cool experience for you to be a part of! I’ve always been a little Olympic crazed 🙂

    I am doing the new Scrapitude mystery, but I am still working on cutting. In fact, the cutting instructions had me so locked up that I haven’t done anything in my sewing room since before Christmas! I did a little mini shophop yesterday, and that got my energy going again, so I’m tackling the cutting so I can do that and move on to other projects! I’m sure the quilt will be beautiful, but it was a lot to get going….

    Have a great week, Pam!

  4. Until this past May I also owned a ’04 CR-V that I had for 11 years. I listened to podcasts by connecting my iphone to that silly thing from Radio Shack that pops into the cassette compartment. I was pretty happy with it.

  5. YAY! You read Sarah Addison Allen!!! I am glad you liked it. I like Gardenspells and First Frost, but my favorite, which I probably told you, is The Girl Who Chased the Moon.

    I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla. I have one of those cassette things so i can listen to books and podcasts. The sound is sometimes not optimal, but I really dislike headphones/earbuds, so it works for me. I am slated to get a new car and I can’t wait to have the whole mp3 player thing integrated.

    Also, my new iPod is all set up so with luck the #podcastdeliquent thing should be less pronounced.

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