WIP Wednesday: I Seem to Have Misplaced My Saddle

I’d be happy to get back in the saddle again if I could find it.  I did get on a roll today and whip up 7 zippy wallets; six are for classroom auction prizes and one was for my daughter. She originally said she wanted to bid on one of them, but I told her she could just pick out some fabric and I’d make her one of her own. She immediately whisked it off and stuffed it full of… something, so it didn’t make it in the photo.

I’m torn between starting prep for my quilt retreat in a couple weeks and going back and stitch down the applique on Dresden Garden. I suspect I should start the applique stitching and take a break to cut things for the retreat when I get bored with it. We’ve also got a birthday party this weekend that I need to make a couple presents for (embroidered pillow case and maybe a totebag?).

And of course the pre-work for the next Bonnie Hunter mystery has been posted. Sheesh.  No mention of strings, though, so here’s hoping it’s basic units!

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3 Responses to WIP Wednesday: I Seem to Have Misplaced My Saddle

  1. Jackie says:

    Cute wallets. I get bored making several of any one thing. Do it, but not my favorite.

  2. Kati R. says:

    Sewing 7 of these in one day, I don’t think you lost your saddle, maybe just needed a little break from everything. But you’re already thinking about the next step, see? I think it’s a good idea to do applique and cut in the break periods, gives you something else to do.

  3. marcella says:

    The wallets look great - I’m sure they’ll be a hit at the auction. I am still not finished with an old Bonnie mystery so have forbidden myself from participating in any more until I finish the top. Good news that it might be string free though - those blocks take forever! Hope it’s a fun one for you.

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