Kennedy Road Bag - Finished!

The Kennedy Road Bag

I really loved the Kennedy Bag pattern that Sara over at Sew Sweetness posted on Sew Mama Sew. And it’s FREE. Go forth and make a bag!

I used my charm pack of Road 15 by Sweetwater because I loved the colors in it. I found some gray twill that worked as a complement for the sides and bottom, and a grey for the interior as well.

This bag is a great size - not so big that it’s a messenger bag, but big enough to hold my purse stuff plus a book (the Velocity Girl back I’ve been using just holds “purse stuff” but not good for a book, too.

The Kennedy Road Bag

I didn’t have access to the hardware for all the buckles that Sara called for in her pattern, so I left off the accents on the flap and mixed up the hardware on the sides of the bag. I found a length of chain with the same finish as the clasps for the handle that worked well for the side, though, and it’s great place to clip my keys.  I made some small fabric tabs that I looped through the chain pieces and then sewed in the side seam. You definitely DON’T want to try to sew through a metal chain!

I think when I make this bag again, I’ll make a couple tweaks.  I’ll probably do an adjustable strap so I can wear it cross-body or over the shoulder, and I’d add at least one pocket on the side for my cell phone. I might add an exterior pocket on the back for things like random badges I need for work sometimes, or pens.

The Kennedy Road BagThe Kennedy Road Bag

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4 Responses to Kennedy Road Bag - Finished!

  1. Looks great and the chain detail is fab!

  2. Mama Lusco says:

    Love your patchwork bag! Thanks for the tips about adding extra pockets…I need pockets everywhere, too!

  3. Kati R. says:

    You are an expert bagmaker with all the bag pattern testing! It looks really cool, I agree with the adjustable strap.

  4. Kati R. says:

    Okay, correction, ARGH! I don’t agree WITH the adjustable strap, but rather ON it :) )) The ESL me :)

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