HtbaS - Episode 155

2 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 155

  1. I have to say LOL, literally! I was driving along listening to the Morelli-basement story picturing him :)) our kitties go outside regularly, and when we’re ready to leave the house we call them in occasionally open the attic door for them. They go up to explore, sometimes to sleep and come downstairs with some cobwebs hanging off their whiskers :))) I usually use a damp paper towel to wipe off the mischief’s dust 🙂 (for the record we live in an old house with an unfinished attic and there’s no way I’ll go up there cleaning!)

  2. I think I prepared for three weeks for our five day retreat, but most of it was cutting fabric for the 10 projects I took along. No, I did not finish all 10, but am working through them now. Only at the last moment did I start packing clothes! And I still ended up getting two more irons and a lamp from my Mom’s house (she lives close to the Center) after I got there. The non shut off irons Mom has proved very popular.

    All the best.

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