WIP Wednesday - BRB

Swing JunkiesI’ve been sewing some, but honestly felt the call of Imminent Spring this week so we went to the park and did this a lot.

My kids are swing junkies, and they come by it naturally, as I was one as a kid as well. So far no one has launched themselves off the swing (something I never dared to do myself, unless I fell off by accident!).

When we weren’t hanging at the park, I did do a little sewing on a baby quilt. Here’s a sneak peek of it, although it’s obviously not the full top since it’s a bit skinny.

MidMod Baby QuiltI might be able to finish the top up this week, but I’m not in a real rush since it’s not “due” until March and I’d rather do it right than rush through it since it’s a commission from a friend.

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday - BRB

  1. Kati R. says:

    Such a cool looking quilt even though I would not think it was a baby quilt. I love how the colors pop from the navy (black?) background.

  2. I love swinging too and so did my kids. We have a park next to our house and it used to have great swings that we would go and play on. I loved them cause I could fit on them too. I remember spending several Christmas Eves there playing with the kids on the swings to help the evening pass when they were too excited to go to bed and go to sleep early. In Australia Christmas is in the middle of our summer so swinging in the warm evenings was fun

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