HtbaS - Episode 3

I ramble on about habbing a tode, donating a quilt to an auction for charity, the results of the auction for Good Mews, a steampunk quilt I made, LQS’ in Atlanta (and a bit about Atlanta geography), and my ongoing project list.

To learn more about my family and my history in blogging, you can visit my other blog at Pantsfreesia. You can get more stalker-y level updates on twitter from me under the same name.

Auction results! My quilts helped raise money for the Good Mews Animal Foundation. Huzzah for spay and neutering your pet! Especially so you don’t turn into this lady (which is me):

Here is the full set of pictures I have for the Boom Effect auction SteampunkQuilt that I made, and here’s a snap of the whole thing:

To find FREE audio fiction, check out, or Librivox (forgot to mention this in the podcast- this site has audio versions of books in the public domain, like Anne of Green Gables, one of my favorites).

The two Georgia shop hops I mention can be found here:

And here is the photo of one half of my sewing area, where The Stash is (note Giant Polka Dot Bin of DOOM - aka, ongoing projects):


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