Small Finishes: Pincushions

My friend Chris put the call out on twitter to see if anyone would make her the pincushion from the book Seams To Me by Anna Maria Horner. Not having the book myself, but always appreciating a challenge, I offered my services. I was delighted to find the pincushion caddy pattern for free (pattern and templates).

Now, there are several reviews for this pattern, which is… not exactly poorly written, but it’s just not terribly friendly what with the curved seams and non-symmetrical pattern pieces. There are several reviews of the pattern out there on the blogosphere, which are helpful if you’re going to attempt this yourself.  Anyway, here Chris’ pincushion, such as it is.

Despite my best efforts, there are weird tucks where the ball joins the tube. Alas.
And then, since I was on a roll with the pincushion, I made myself one that I got as a kit from the Shop Hop in March:
To quote Grama Eddie, “This tickles me.” I don’t know why I like fake pies, but I do.  Again, though, this was another not-well-written pattern. I added a small pouch of sand under the “pie” in the pie pan to give it some heft and additional functionality (to sharpen pins I stick in there!), and then hot glued the stuffed pie to the metal pie pan to hold it all together. Voila!

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