Star Surround Progress Update

I happily got ALL my flying geese sewn last night, a good two days ahead of schedule.  I had gotten the red ones trimmed before sewing the blue & green ones, and just sat down and finished out the audiobook of A Dance with Dragons (which I had read before but was refreshing myself) and sewed the snot out of some flying geese.

And look, I love sewing, and I love my cat.  But I also love My Little Pony and sushi and I know those two things don’t always mix.  So this happened when I finally got all my finished geese laid out:


I handily distracted Morelli by… I don’t know, breathing or showing him something shiny (bless him, but he’s sort of a flake), and was able to take this picture instead.

Now to focus on prepping for my retreat Saturday!


6 thoughts on “Star Surround Progress Update

  1. Oh, Morelli, you are such a poser! Love the colors and I think this quilt is going to be so pretty. You might keep it on the bed all year.

    Also, I love that there are little beachy life rings right in the middle of your Christmas fabrics. Scrappy quilts are so much fun for I Spy moments.

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