The Sportsball Sew-In! #SBSI


As you know, I am a connoisseur of Sportsball. At least, I married a person who knows it well, and together we made a person who knows it pretty good, too. So what better way to celebrate than by getting the hell out of their way when there’s a big game on! I am pleased to once again tie together a Sportsball Sew-In (#SBSI) on twitter this weekend!

There is nothing worse than feeling left out of large social and cultural events. I mean, sure, sports are hard and who can keep track of all those nit-picky facts like runs and side-outs and points. The only points we care about are those on a Disappearing Pinwheel or Scrapitude, amiright ladies?

Carl the Sheep Wide-Mouth Zipper Pouch

So, shed those tacky polyester jerseys, slap on some soft pants and join me for the SportsBall Sew-In this weekend!

To celebrate I’m giving away an Official Carl the Sheep Wide-Mouth Zipper Pouch. This is the Noodlehead medium size - about 11 1/2″ x 7″ with a 4″ wide base. I use this size to hold my EPP and another one to hold my crochet project, so it can fit quite a bit. You can click either picture to go to Flickr to enbiggen the picture and scrutinize my doodling prowess.

Carl the Sheep Wide-Mouth Zipper Pouch

You can read about the history of Carl the Sheep in last year’s giveaway (short story: printing error leads to hilarious sheep doodles!). This year Carl is joined by his new friend, the Redrum Rooster. For those not in the know, the Redrum Rooster lives behind my house and crows like it’s being strangled. At all hours of the day.  There are also farts, a light saber, and party hats among the other doodles.

Yes, I can draw a fart. My kids are in awe of my (f)artistic abilities.

The Rafflecopter giveaway will be open until midnight Sunday night (US Eastern time) so all you non-US folks can enter to win. I’ll ship it anywhere!

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30 thoughts on “The Sportsball Sew-In! #SBSI

  1. My Facebook feed is FILLED with Seahawks fans. And I have a lot of people from Seattle that I follow on Twitter. I also follow many of them on Pinterest. Lots of blue and green living on my computer screen these days. Except for my sister-in-law, who is a Broncos fan. And because I’m contrary, I’m gonna root for Denver. Not that I, nor anyone in this house, follows football. I’ll “watch” the game via the updates on Facebook.

  2. Sadly, my house will be filled with sportsball fans, eating fattening sportsball food, and will not enjoy listening to the hum of a sewing machine while watching said sportsball. However, I am going to try and whip up a teeny tiny sportsball table topper, to catch any nacho cheese or buffalo wing sauce droppings. Go Broncos!

  3. I love the sheep fabric! I will be sewing on Sunday but no twitter account so I will be sewing with you in spirit I will also be packing for yet another work trip, Philadelphia, Monday - Thursday. Looking on the bright side it will be good for the EPP projects as I manage to get lots of hexes done on the flights and in the evening before lights out.


  4. Thankfully, there will be no actual sportsball at our house. A: No tv stations; satellite, local or otherwise here. And B: No one likes sports but me and I am a college and high school fan. Love the pouch!

    1. I always seem to miss the question in these rafflecopterthingys until after I post my comment. Sorry! Sad story, all kids are sick and hubby are sick. Hoping I can avoid it, but hard to avoid 5 sickies in 1400 square feet.

  5. Listening to you talk about snow and watching our weather.

    I love your pix and am inspired by same. Long ago, I read that we should have pix of ourselves since our family loves us and looks at us every day, so we should be able to love us too. I don’t love pix of myself, but I post time anyway.

  6. I”m only watching because my son-in-law and daughter are driving three hours to watch the game here…secretly I’m going to be busy grandma sitting while they watch!! No twitter account but will be sewing all morning!!!

  7. I’m really over half of the local news being about the game. The giant 12’s are funny though. A bit of handwork for me today, maybe I’ll play with some mini charms that need to become something useful. Thanks for the chance!

  8. So excited to finally be able to sew during a sew in! I’m not entering the drawing because I won one of these last year and it feels greedy to try to win again.

    Today I’m working on a project for a swap and wondering if it is actually good enough to send to a stranger or if I should bail.

    1. love wool batting it is my favorite. It breathes better than cotton. Warmer than cotton and doesn’t have a memory like cotton. Also it quilts wonderfully both hand and machine. So yes a big fan :)

  9. Hi Pam
    I’ve been away from online things for a while but I downloaded your podcasts to listen to while driving to and from a retreat this weekend.
    Thanks for the giveaway !

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