5 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 166

  1. I am enjoying your weight loss journey and hope it will help me back onto mine.

    I love those random moments when all the quilty pondering turns into a plan, like yours with the 2012 blocks.

  2. Mmmmm….butter! Just baked some chicken in butter a couple days ago. :) Love love love butter. :) And yes, it IS healthy!!!
    If you like sweet potatoes, try slicing them (either into fry shapes, or just cross cut circles, etc) and bake them in butter and coconut oil, with lots of cinnamon and a little salt. Flip them half way and coat with more butter and coconut oil. :) mmmm….well, not so good if you don’t care for coconut oil. lol

  3. The Southern accent part of the podcast made me think of True Blood. I’m from Arkansas, and the best accent on that show, imho, is Jason Stackhouse, played by Ryan Kwanten, an Aussie. It’s a little heavy, but I do know people who talk like that. Stephen Moyers, who plays Vampire Bill, is forever ruined for me as an actor because of his over-the-top Southern accent and cheesy lines. It’s like he learned his accent from watching Gone With the Wind a dozen times. But to be honest, I only watch True Blood for the attractive actors with very little clothing and the crazy. Yes, the actress on Killer Women has a good Texas accent. I did not realize she was Canadian.

  4. I tried the recipe for brussel sprouts, and they were delicious!!! thanks. At 62, it was the first time I had eaten them, although I love cabbage, and find them very similar. Thanks again for a GREAT recipe!!

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