10 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 197

  1. Whoa! After your recent discussion of specialty rulers, I am definitely going to have to check this one out… it must be pretty snazzy! You also have me all inspired to dig my panel fabrics out of the closet. They’re buried in there somewhere, I think. Yours have been turning out so awesomely well!

  2. Ear Worm Alert! So the Romper Bomper Stomper Do, Tell me, tell me, tell me who…. will NOT leave my brain. Thanks for that. LOL We had a Miss Susan for Romper room. Was she the same for everyone? I always felt like it was a local show that was created for a lot of areas but that could definitely have come from my own self centered young person point of view.

    And why is it that I totally forgot you were from Colorado? I’ll remember now. You will have to tell me which schools you attended. We were mostly in District 11 both for myself and my children although I sent my kids to District 2 for a few years because they offered a student body that was more culturally diverse, which was a strong desire of mine.

    Now back to listen to the rest of the episode,

  3. And the strip Stick has been a helpful tool of mine for a few years now. I am fond of really crisp seams and this handy little tool has earned its keep. I always forget to tell people how useful it is so thanks for mentioning it. It’s super easy to make if you have a tool for slicing a dowel in half lengthwise. Since I possess no such tool, I was happy to give a few bucks to the creator of the tool at a quilt expo I attended.

  4. Thanks for the tips on quilting panels. I will have to dig mine out too. Wow a new ruler and math in the same episode holy cow…..and on Friday night too. I might have missed this in a way earlier episode I have only listened to about the last 20/30 podcast’s but what kind of machine do you quilt your quilts on? I just want to know if you have a long arm or if you do your work on your domestic machine.
    Great episode.

  5. I am behind and haven’t listened to your latest episode (they are a treat!) My version of the Strip Stick is a leftover piece of dowel from a closet - cut in half. Haven’t made a cover for it but use it to press open seams on bindings and seams on a recent quilt that had bias-edge blocks (what a pain!) I thought of you when I saw this fun scrappy cat block: http://betteroffthread.com/2014/09/23/tumbling-cat-mini/. I also worked it up in EQ with slightly larger pieces (2.5″ strips) if you are interested.

  6. I enjoyed your comment about Zapper, who I miss as well. I see that Nina helps in the same way as my cat. Aren’t sticky rollers a wonderful invention?!?

  7. I have been meaning to share with you about the resting face. My husband is a big guy of 6’2”. He can be very humorous, however, his resting face can be very formidable. There are people that will move out of his way when we are in stores together because of his resting face. When the children were small, at times the kids didn’t want to go to him about things because of the expression that was normally there. When he should smile, really smile though, he has a fabulous dimple. He doesn’t show this dimple off enough, if you ask me.

    Now to the cat. When Morelli was podcasting with you a couple podcasts ago, I thought his meow was my Bazil’s. When I heard Morelli, I asked my Bazil what he wanted and then noticed that he was not even in the sewing room. My Bazil has a bed in the sewing room. His helpering in not always desired. He has a thing of pulling my clover pins out of the cushion and dropping them on the floor when he thinks he should be getting attention instead of the fabric.

    I liked your talk about how you cut up your scraps. I will have to give your method some thought.

    Another thing that you share with my husband, the “Bob’s your uncle” comment. I have never heard of anyone else say that except my husband. Is that an east coast or south expression? He grew up in Maryland and Texas.

  8. Hi! haven’t even finished the whole episode yet but was cracking up when you mentioned the Brady Bunch. My husband said the Very Same Thing about the spouses just the other day. Not sure how the Brady’s came up, (they just do sometimes don’t they?) but he, like you pondered just why the assumed-deceased spouses were never mentioned. I had never really thought about it. I thought it was too funny how you both talked about it. His theory was much darker than yours, as to what happened to them. Anyhoo…off to listen to the rest of the podcast!

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