WIP Wednesday - Rogue

I am delightfully writing this post on a TUESDAY and scheduling it to post on Wednesday since I’m supposed to be an office on Wednesday, which typically means I flake out and the wearing of Real Pants to Interact With Humans cuts off circulation to my brain and I forget to post WIP Wednesday posts.

Anywho, here’s what I’m working on.

UntitledThis is under the needle currently, getting quilted in advance of Thanksgiving. I’ve also done some more intense quilting on a smaller project that I finished earlier - a better picture posted in a couple weeks.
Stardust Closeup

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - Rogue

  1. I love this pattern, I think someone (Valerie?) made a blue and white version of a very similar one. All OK in the office? You haven’t mentioned anything in a while, guess no news is good news? :)))

  2. the quilt is looking good and so is your quilting. I write my WIP Wednesday report on Weds but because I am ahead of the US the link is usually not up and by the time I remember its closed or its really late. I do remember occassionally though. Hope work was ok

  3. Even though I have to go into an office to work I’m glad that I can mostly be neat-casual in jeans and relatively comfortable pants, but your comment on Real Pants reminded me of a scene I re-watched recently in The IT Crowd about a different type of pants and I wondered if you’d seen it? It’s a British comedy, couple short seasons long and is a little bit Dilbert-meets-The-Office. Despite being a developer (who is not completely socially awkward), working at a small company means I often have to talk to people in a support role so this show tickles my funny bone to no end, I thought you might appreciate the humour, if you don’t already know it.

    Quilting wise, you’re killing it as always!

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