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  1. Wow! You look fabulous!! Now you need to do a video podcast because I can make your voice come out of your face :) Great work losing all the weight- I know it’s hard!

  2. Woweee!! You look great and congrats on the weightloss. I also lost around 50 pounds a year ago and have kept it off (something I have never been able to do before). Your podcasts talking about your fitness routines have really encouraged me. I just started the Zombies Run 5k app thanks to you.

  3. Wow! You look great, Pam! Be proud of your accomplishment.

    I had started doing the Zombies run app with my new Fitbit, but I just injured my knee, and can’t even walk very well now. So now I need to focus on my diet instead of my steps.

  4. I also knit in the continental style. I am very slow and can’t knit much, because of an injury. I usually only knit scarves to satisfy some crazy craving that makes no sense. I can’t do the throwing thing. It just doesn’t work for me.

  5. How does one wolf whistle in a text box? :) You look fabulous!
    Also I want to share a link that my husband just shared with me. (Backstory) I was recently invited to join a group where you pay into a pot to participate:
    $1 goes into the pot each week at weigh-in
    $2 if you miss a weigh-in
    If you GAIN weight, you need to put the amount of your weight gain in dollars in the pot for that week
    Your weight will not be shared, but your percentage will be!
    The Biggest Loser will take the pot $$$
    NO group reward for weight loss other than one person gets the pot at the end, the biggest loser. Who of course is the biggest winner. I was not sure what to think other than “Oh no! my mad money (fabric cash)”. The more I thought on it, the more it seemed like sort of a shameful type of motivation. I prefer positive motivation. As much as I need group support I don’t think this is the group for me. After discussing the idea with my husband and his sharing the article, I am taking a different tack. I am hoping this different perspective will help me improve things in the fitness department.

    Congrats again on your continued success!


  6. http://www.olfa.com/CustomerServiceFAQ.aspx#m4
    My mat is full of fuzz from working with fleece. How can I clean it?
    Fleece fibers are naturally attracted to your self-healing rotary mat. To clean your OLFA mat, use a generous amount of room temperature water and a few drops of mild detergent. Use a soft, mild bristle brush such as a toothbrush or mushroom brush to create a lather and gently clean your mat. Rinse with room temperature water and wipe dry with a cotton towel. Please note that warm or hot water and direct sunlight may damage the mat. Another option is to use a simple gum eraser - just rub the eraser just like you are “erasing” the fuzz, and the eraser pulls it right out of the mat. This also works for cotton and blended fabrics as well.

  7. where to start.

    You look great but not like I imagined you too look. I initial image of you was skinny so got a surprise when you started talking about needing to lose weight. Anyway you looked lovely in your before photo and different but equally lovely in the more recent one. It is great that you feel great and are enjoying your new weightloss. Mine is coming down slowly now and I am feeling proud of my accomplishment although today my knees are hating me again. Ran 25 minutes today.
    Thankyou for mentioning my query re cleaning self healing mats on the podcast. Interested in the various hints that are coming in. Am keen to try the ERASER on it (should I mention what we call them in Australia on this post… might shock some of the followers ) The hint on Twitter from mckittycat1 to rub it with batting worked okay and then I used the lint roller on it worked pretty well. Will try the other suggestions. I still have a pile of fabric to get through.. have been cutting most of January I think! Still have a basket full to get through
    Enjoy your trip away… yes try to enjoy it… if that is too hard then survive it and come back stronger. Your comments re your quick meeting and short report made me laugh. My husband is an engineer. He completed his masters a few years ago and would struggle to make work limits in assignments, coming in well under at times and trying to get the word count up. When he had answered the question what more was there to say? I am the opposite - I struggle on twitter as my comments are always over and I have to go back and edit it down. My university assignments were more likely to be 50% too long and I would have to edit like mad. (I am a chatter box too… write like I talk) I will shut up now

  8. You look fantastic! Congrats. So, I guess losing weight causes a loss of visual acuity? No glasses before, yet glasses afterwards. ;-) How do you put all those blocks together so fast, yet still work, have a husband and 2 children, a home, and cook for the fam? Superwoman! Got a cape?

  9. Very impressive before and after pictures! I enjoy your podcasts while sewing. Happy traveling this next week, and don’t miss your kitties too much. I am also doing Scrapitude and love putting the blocks together, though I am not finished yet since I have curtains to hem and MY kitties keep getting in the way! Those little devils, ha ha! Don’t you just love them anyway!

  10. I can so relate to being exhausted after being with people all day, as most introverts can. Listening to you on my drive home tonight, I came up with the following slogan: Introverts Unite! Separately! DH (also an introvert) likes it so much he’s thinking of putting on a t-shirt.

    I have also tried the sausage & tortellini recipe, and my 15YO wouldn’t touch it because of the spinach. sigh. I made it in the crock pot, but it’s good to know that it turns out well on the stove top as well.

    Please share the pattern Judi told you about for the baby quilts you mentioned in your stash report. Babies seem to come in waves, and a group just started arriving! I have a quilt made for the first one, but need a few more in the next couple of months.

  11. Dang, girl! You look awesome! I could not figure out how you could need to lose 50 lbs, but I guess you were going for Hot Momma status before the big 4-0! Thanks so much for the motivation and inspiration.

  12. Amazing! But I’m with your friend’s husband, you didn’t look bad before! Way to go though, I know it is making you feel great and that’s what is important.

  13. I’m with your kids on the leafy stuff, unfortunately. I wish I liked broccoli and spinach since they’re in so many things, but I gag when trying to eat them.

    My kids loved Colonial Williamsburg at your kids’ ages, especially when they got to play recruits in the Colonial Militia. I’ve always loved it. My parents honeymooned there and I was born 9 months and 4 days later, so you could say it’s in my blood!

    You look terrific and are a great inspiration to me.

  14. Just started listening to your podcast. Also a runner and a quilter…about the Nike+ app (because I’ve been using it for years), if you are running on a treadmill, you need the foot pod thinger. The accelerometer is meant to work in conjunction with it, not as a stand alone. I’m not aware of any app that gives you accurate treadmill info without a foot pod being used, unless you are somehow connecting your treadmill to your device to record the treadmill info. My treadmill isn’t that sophisticated, but I use it exclusively during the winter and have over 3,000 miles on it.

    Holler back if you need more info. And check out the http://anothermotherrunner.com/ if you need support from other mother runners. Nice to find a quilter that runs, not to many of us around (that I can tell). And congrats on the weight loss, you look amazing.

  15. You look FANTASTIC, Pam!

    And lately, whenever I feel like cheating a bit, I remind myself “It’s all about the math.” This is said in a “Pam voice” in my head and I find something else to do.

    Plus, love the Zombie Run app. Thanks!

  16. You look great!

    Your kids aren’t too young to enjoy colonial America. Just make sure they have context before you go to make it more meaningful, even if it’s just a couple short picture books. Look for homeschool blogs and sites; they should have great resources for you to look into.

  17. Pam, congrats on your newly found self! You look wonderful. I too am a running quilter, only a road running one. I use Jeff Galloway’s run/walk program and a Precor elliptical when it is too icy to go out. My goal for this year, my 60th, is to run my first marathon, but if not this year then it will be next : )

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