6 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 172

  1. I just started listening this morning and am not finished yet, but I wanted to pass this along for you to pass along to your longarmer friend (if you so desire). I just learned about this product yesterday, and thought it was kind of cool, though not relevant to me. It is a camera system for you to watch the back of the quilt while you are quilting it, for nests and eyelashing and such. http://aquilterseye.com/

  2. Pam - Just had to let you know how much I appreciate the new mic! I’ve listened to you for years but always had to turn the volume waaaaay down because your “s” sounds hurt my ears so very much. In fact, my son would not let me listen to you in the van because it hurt his ears so much. Your new mic seems to have addressed the issue and I (and my ears) appreciate it!!

  3. I understand the “What will they compliment me on now?” feeling. My weight goes up and down, and no one says anything to me when I gain, but lots of comments when I lose. I start wondering what “they” are saying about me when I’m larger. Nope, not paranoid, not me!

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