WIP Wednesday: Almost on Thursday

I realized this morning I would need to do a WIP Wednesday post, and then promptly forgot about it while I carried on with my day, putting on Real Pants and driving into a real office and eating an actual meal with silverware in the middle of the day with other human people. I also finally broke down and got a new badge made for work on the chance that I’ll be going in to said office more and my old one uses a magnetic stripe instead of the proximity RFID chip and zzzzz…. I’m even boring myself with that sentence. HOWEVER!

  1. My new picture is pretty cute and I have a real smile in it and not the half smile I usually end up with because I felt like I was smiling like a giant dork and obviously I have no sense of my own face (see also: bitchy resting face, sufferers of).
  2. My Real Pants are a size smaller than I thought I was and they aren’t even snug, but rather fit well. Huzzah!

I also ate Thai food, which I wasn’t sure I liked and then remembered, oh yes, Pad Thai with chicken and crunchy peanuts. I do like that.

Disappearing nine patchAnywho, I’m actually actively working on 4 things I can’t show pictures of yet, so here is a picture of one of my disappearing nine patch quilts from the demo at my guild last Sunday. It’s getting one more border of the red-orange floral before it gets sandwiched and quilted.

Nina looked exactly this guilty when I got home this afternoon, so I’m not quite sure what she got into but I’m sure it was a grand adventure of her own.

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Almost on Thursday

  1. Huzzah for only having to wear Real Clothes for a Real Office occasionally! I’m almost jealous, then remember how crazy I went during maternity leave at home alone with only a newborn to talk to, and am glad to go to an office on a daily basis (even if I don’t feel grateful while I’m there with supposedly adult humans).

    Cute quilt, and even cuter cat! The outtake photo was better, though. :)

  2. I had a corporate dinner meeting tonight and survived. Pad Thai is one of my favs because it has good flavor but is not spicy. When you dress up and go to a real office in Atlanta where is the office?

  3. Huzzah for having a size smaller Real Pants fit. We all know it’s not relevant with the soft pants version, right? Nina does look guilty, indeed! Maybe you’ll find out what she was up to further down the road :))))))

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