HtbaS - Episode 183

This week I talk about disappearing nine patches, games I play with my cats, and give a discourse on nature vs nurture as relating to quilt borders.

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Random picture of my daughter reading this week, juxtaposed with one of me as a toddler, proving both nature AND nurture as related to couches in my family!

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5 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 183

  1. Thanks for all the links! I tried using StitcherRadio (as a listener) and did not like how it is set up. I couldn’t customize it enough and it was little confusing regardless of which platform I was on; iPhone or Android tablet. So no hurt feelings here that you don’t use it. :)
    I do my machine bindings backwards from hand stitched bindings as well. Just have not had a ton of practice so they have been a tad messy. But, I got a new machine for my birthday with a bunch of decorative stitches so now I can fudge a bit without too much mess. I will be machine binding the robot baby quilt that is halfway quilted and looking forward to using a new stitch.

  2. That outtake photo is great! Thanks for sharing with us non-twilters. Looks like your daughter is getting in ab workout while she reads!

    I followed your tute links and pinned the one I liked best, plus your version of it which I like MUCH better!

  3. Right there with you on the nurture/nature thing. Two boys 21 months apart? Night and day. But there’s no denying my daughter. Love the side by side pics. We have a couple of those that lean hard on the “nature” side of the scale as well.

    Thanks for all the disappearing links. They are super useful in a quilt emergency.

  4. those photos are totally gorgeous. My daughter and my husband sleep the same way at times… with one knee bent up in the air and the foot of the other leg resting on the bend knee and the other leg flopped out. Totally weird descriptiong but it is a weird position and to see them both sleeping like that… crazy. Mind you DD used to some times go to sleep with her head between her knees like she was sitting up in bed and flopped forward.
    Thanks for the links… was trying to follow what you were saying re disappearing nine patch alternatives but links better. I am making a quilt using disappearing nine patches with pinwheels in the corners. That is crazy

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