Blue & Tan Quilt of Valor - Finished!

ValorousI dodged the raindrops this weekend to take pictures of the Blue & Tan Quilt of Valor.  I drew the palette from one of the fabrics - the lighter blue of the stripe, and brought in creams and tans and a darker blue to round it out. And I’ve just realized I don’t have a close up picture to show the fabric. Oh well.

It’s a decent sized quilt, around 60×80″.  The label is pieced into the back, which uses a plaid fabric I had in my stash in the same colors. Of course, not enough of the plaid to make the whole back, hence the tan stripe in the back!

I’ll get my destination for the quilts in the next couple weeks, and it will get shipped off to a deserving service person.

9 thoughts on “Blue & Tan Quilt of Valor - Finished!

  1. That is very lovely, and the colors are so soothing. I’m sure whoever gets this quilt, will really appreciate it!

  2. This is so beautiful. And I especially love that, while it is definitely a quilt of valor, it is not primary red and blue which does not often come out so beautiful. This is amazing.

  3. Lovely!!! I’m curious about the label and what you include on yours. My quilt guild donates to an organization called American Heroes- and they have a no label policy as there was an instance in the past of a recipient actually going out and stalking the maker, whose information he got from the label. Scary! At the same time though, I always feel a little weird about not labeling a quilt that I’ve made. What exactly do you include on your labels? Do you label all your donation quilts? Or is this just something you do on Quilts of Valor? Thanks so much! :)

  4. It looks really nice, Pam! I like how the blues work with the neutrals, it’s gonna go to one lucky recipient. If we can say that…
    I know you don’t do it for praise, but man, you’re good! And I realized I wanted to ask you a question which would be a nice podcasting subject (IMHO anyway). Can you talk about how you baste your quilts? I know that’s the turning point for me. I can make a quilt top, no problem, but when it comes to basting I get stuck. Do you have enough room on the floor, or a big table, like 60×80 where you put your quilts to baste? Any tips if the quilt is bigger than the table, how to move it without shifting, etc? I pin baste, usually on the bedroom floor because of the lack of space in my tiny sewing room. Thank you!

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