Mega List of Scrapideux Giveaway Entries!

By popular demand, here’s the list of entries for the Scrapideux giveaway (minus the last names, because that’s the courtesy I’d want!).  There are some missing because the macro I wrote in Excel (*cough* NERD! *cough*) to code the HTML of the entries threw some out for improper link protocol (like it didn’t start with “http…”, etc.).

Edited to add: some people submitted their entire blog as an entry. As long as there was a picture of a quilt on the front page, I counted that entry.

Here’s the randomly picked winner of the quilt itself, Janet:


Here’s the 1st special award winner from Jen:


As noted in episode 189, I’ll post the 2nd special winner’s entry if I get permission!

5 thoughts on “Mega List of Scrapideux Giveaway Entries!

  1. Sorry, Pam, DH said please don’t share on the webs. He has used up a large part of my video hard drive with “Record this one, too!”, but is shy with strangers. shrug.

    I’m so glad you liked it.

  2. As for the good news….. The mail resumed today (I have been traveling to New England) and I got a wonderful Scrapitude-y bag! With a zipper! Handmade by you!

    Thanks so, so much! I will let Dh see it, but not use it, I am afraid of what comedy would result.

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