HtbaS - Episode 192

Is this thing on? I dust off the microphone and cast the pods to talk about where I’ve been the last few weeks, share some anecdotes about dogs, cookies, dresses, and a little bit of quilting!

4 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 192

  1. Oh my……Pam I just about fell off my sewing chair while listening to this episode!!!!! The whole wedding attire, add spanx’s and “you have your neck with you”!!!! I just about died!!! lol!!!! Thanks for a great laugh for my afternoon. You are sooo funny love listening to your podcast. Hope that doesn’t creep you out.

  2. Glad to have you back. It just doesn’t feel like Friday without you! Congratulations on getting the Wellspring project finished. It has been a long time in the works, but what a worthy cause.

    So sorry to hear about your fellow podcaster. That kind of news, even about someone you don’t really know, can really shake you.

    PS…you look fabulous in that dress!

  3. I have only taken ONE quilt class and that was back when I only had one or two children. It was a log cabin class but was basically a “how to make a quilt” class. I learned rotary cutting, ¼ inch seams, etc. And one of the supplies needed was a Kwik Klip. I still have it in my tool box and often forget to use it. But it definitely does help a lot if you are pin basting. I need to remember to use it more often. BTW, that class was genius! It took me from “what a drag to take a year to make one poorly constructed quilt” to “what fun to make a fairly accurate and beautiful quilt in a month or less”. It was life changing.

    1. I’m a bit behind with listening but it’s good to have you back Pam, though certainly was a well earned break for a few weeks. Oh and the family picture is great, for some reason I struggle when I’m trying to picture people I’m hearing stories about and don’t know what they look like, they usually end up headless in my mind. P.S. You look stunning in that dress ( I mean that in a non-creepy, you go girl kind of way).

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