HtbaS - Episode 199

Special retreat episode! I talk about feedback and chat with my friend Crystal at retreat briefly. Now back to sewing!  Here’s what I’ve finished so far at retreat.

Funkytown Christmas - Finished!

Funkytown Christmas close up

Twisted Sentiments


4 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 199

  1. Thanks for answering my question. I get board really easy so hence I have lots of “projects” going trying not to loose all the parts to said projects. Your finished quilt and table runner look awesome! I have a twister table runner started I need to pull out and finish. (see previous sentence)
    HaHaHa I love the interview with Crystal.

  2. I know you talked about it in the last podcast, but since you mentioned it again, I thought I would comment here. I loved the Rivers of London (Midnight Riot) series by Ben Aaronovitch. I just finished Broken Homes, the fourth in the series. I listened to them as audiobooks and I highly recommend the narrator. Fantastic! I can’t wait for the next one which is supposed to come out in January.

  3. Oops. I put a big long comment on an old post when I thought I was putting it on this post. Go read it and pretend I wrote it here. Thanks for podcasting from the retreat.

  4. yes the podcast was great. I loved it when you and Crystal got the giggles. My daughter is into the Rivers of London books. I have read one or two of them. She loves them. I was resisting investing in another series! The Christmas panel turned out really well. Oh speaking of my daughter Fangirl. She has a heap of new Geeky cross stitch patterns out there. There are links to her pattern shop on my blog

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