Aunt S’s Quilt - Finished!

I’m quite pleased with how this turned out, and that I had all the 5″ squares already cut in my stash.  I’m still working through my stash to use up these more muted colors since I am personally drawn to the brighter tones, and it’s nice to have an outlet to gift this type of fabric!

Aunt S's Quilt

Aunt S's QuiltThis will be given to a relative at Thanksgiving, so I need to dehair it (again) and wrap it up (so I don’t have to dehair it a third time).

The quilting in the center is an overall meander, with straight line quilting on the 3 borders.

I had a little fun with the back since I knew I wanted to use this leaf print I’ve had in my stash forever, but the piece wasn’t quite long or wide enough so I quartered it and pieced in 10″ squares in the same muted tones, also from my scrap stash.

Aunt S's Quilt - Back

4 thoughts on “Aunt S’s Quilt - Finished!

  1. It is so nice to use stash that no longer represents you color palette to make a quilt someone else will love. You did a great job!

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