HtbaS - Episode 205

It’s the Distractedcast! Jett pops in for some heavy breathing into the mic, and I give an impromptu book review on something I saw on a blog and then immediately went and bought, which is rare for me.

Check out Scraps, Inc from Tauton Press.  During the blog tour you can get the book 30% off the original price Enter discount code SCRAPS30 (click on discount code for link), the code is good through Dec. 1st.

Note: in the course of the episode I sound pretty dumb when asked about Featherweights because I forgot Featherweights = Singer 221. Ooops.  I am not sure, however, what the difference is between a 221 and a 222, but perhaps Tina does?


One thought on “HtbaS - Episode 205

  1. Based on your recommendation I looked at Scraps, Inc on Taunton and then Amazon. At Amazon I could look at and read some of the pages and based on what I saw and your recommendation I ordered it but looking at prices I paid 40 cents more and ordered from Amazon. I used Prime so I didn’t have to fill in all the info on Taunton worth the 40 cents to me :-). Thank you for the suggestion.


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