WIP Wednesday - A Blue… Blue, Blue, Blue Christmas

But first! A short list of things it’s hard to do while a cat is curled inside your shirt, sucking up all your body heat because the Polar Vortex is a stinker:

  1. Write blog posts.
  2. Drink coffee.
  3. Live one’s life.

Elvis Christmas PostcardsSo, cat’s-in-shirt-aside, I’ve been tackling some small projects.  Here are my latest Elvis postcards I finished up on Monday. More decorative stitches and some appliqued sayings to liven them up a bit. “Naughty or Nice?” is my favorite one.

I also finished a totebag pattern I was testing, so pics of that will be up soon-ish once the pattern is officially for sale.  On top of all that sewing, I also had to replace the zipper in my daughter’s heavy jacket thanks to the cold weather!

This week I also became enamored with small projects, and will be making a Minecraft pencil pouch for a birthday present, more postcards, and some random project I haven’t yet picked for my guild sew-in tomorrow night.  I also bought this Craftsy class on Travel Organizers that I’m itching to start, but need to pace myself and pick up the hardware first.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - A Blue… Blue, Blue, Blue Christmas

  1. Those post cards are a real cute idea! I have been wanting to do a few postcards as a fun quick project. You just may have given me a really great idea fora lot of my novelty fabric panels.

  2. These should sell well. I am not an Elvis fan but know lots of them. I have looked at that Craftsy class and was sorely tempted but decided I needed to watch at least 2 that I already own before I buy anymore :-) I like small project weeks they can be quite productive. They don’t necessarily do much for the stash reduction but makes me feel good because l get lots of things finished.

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