HtbaS - Episode 224

A surprise Sunday episode! I talk about my trip, meeting Jaye, and thoughts on my future in podcasting and how I want to adapt.

Jaye and I posed for some selfies:

17 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 224

  1. I’m Listening now. “Commenting live, so to speak”.

    I get the thyroid/coffee cream dilemma. I’ve had plenty of cold cups o coffee.

    Wall papering with your dad will also create a fertile ground for swear learning. Especially gingham wall paper. And dormers.

    Your feeling of busyness is quite common for your stage of life. You are being generous sharing these feelings with us. If we are not there now, we have been there or will be. We are all on this journey, hang in there!

  2. Great podcast! And what a surprise. I really enjoyed meeting you and our discussions. I hope that we can meet again sometime. I have no plans to visit Georgia, but wherever my clients want me, I will go. I’ll look for some in Georgia.

    HA! I barely noticed your cursing. I was trying to keep my own swear words under control so as not to offend your delicate Southern sensibilities. 😉 I thought we had a good conversation and was focused on that, so no worries.

    I am very glad you weren’t freaked out by BART. I never know how people from out of town (places that actually have that crazy phenomenon called free parking) are going to react to BART. It was a bit of an off time so it could have been filled with crazy people. You were very calm, so I was relieved.

    Super braggy work awesomeness: no. As you said, it is what it is and it is better to acknowledge that reality. If you don’t then on some level, you are lying to yourself and that is never a good thing.

    I think hearing about your process or process in general would be VERY interesting. I think a lot about process and it seems to be endlessly fascinating.


  3. It looks like you and Jaye had a great time. Yay!
    Now that you mention it, I have noticed that your recent episodes have been sorta “Pam-lite”
    I knew you were busy and figured things would get more exciting when life settles down. We all have our ebbs and flows. Thanks for sharing with us and staying in touch even when you don’t have much to say. I think I can speak for all the twilters when I say, we are here with you through it all. I always looks forward to seeing and hearing about whatever you’re doing.

    1. And may I add, I love hearing about process while an artist is actually processing. Going along on that journey can be very interesting and inspiring in a way that is different than “hey I finished another quilt!” Both are valid approaches, but sometimes it’s great to change things up. I look forward to your pictures of trees and how they work their way into your quilting. (See? I was listening) :-)

  4. just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy your podcasts each week. I enjoy all your news and activities, quilty or not.

  5. I have to comment this episode even though I’ve never commented before (I’m just too lazy to look at actual websites!) I do truly enjoy your podcast. I don’t think you’re phoning it in. Everyone’s life gets busy. I listen to podcasts because I’m isolated in my quilting life. I have a few quilting stores nearby, but I don’t have enough money or time to spend there to become part of that community. I listen for inspiration, information on new trends, ideas for weird color combinations, and sometimes just to know i’m not the only quilter out there. I truly enjoy your show and look forward to it every week. Change if you need to for yourself or keep it exactly the same, either way I’ll be happy.

    1. Ditto What Julianne said! I look forward to the podcast every week, I don’t really mind if they are short, just like “catching up” with you!

  6. I agree. I enjoy the short and long podcasts that you do whether there is a lot of quilty talk or not much at all. I look forward to it every week. But I will understand if you feel you have to cut back. I often listen on the road and do not often get the chance (I forget) to comment. And even when I remember to comment - I forget what to say. Let’s just say - if I don’t write it down I forget and well, when I’m driving, I can’t write it down. ;0 Also, I have a mad resting face too… and have taken to telling people, IT’S MY FACE SO GET OVER IT!

  7. I look forward to your podcasts and really enjoy them. I can so relate with the many things you discuss - both quilty and personal. THANK YOU!

  8. Pam, I was going to try and bait you into throwing over another table, but I can’t lie about your podcast. I’d be heart broken if you quit and I look forward to them every week. Life ebbs and flows and an honest podcast will reflect that. I’d love to hear more about your non-sewing interests and work life, but I’d be just as happy with the podcast as it is. Not every episode is going to be jam-packed with squealing tires and and quilters sliding across the cutting table Starsky and Hutch style. That’s ok. Your podcast has always felt like chatting with a friend, at least for me. Thank you for being a friend!

    Love the picture of you and Jaye. You both look Mahvelous Dahlinks!!

  9. Don’t quit podcasting! I don’t care if you are quilting or not. You keep me company while I am quilting. Talk about the weather in Georgia or what you are reading or making for dinner. I’ll listen. ( This goes for Frances, Daisy, Weezy Works, The Sewing Mom, Nonnie, Sandy, The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady, AJ, Katie, et. al.)

    Pam, you are putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself. Your listeners aren’t grading you by the number of quilts you make or the number of yards you use.

    I only do a Sunday stash post when I have fabric added or used, so I only link to Judy’s Sunday stash post every second or third week. My main goal is to make great quilts, not quick quilts. Keeping up with fabric usage is just something I do to make sure I’m using the fabric I already have. No need to link up every week or feel like a failure if you haven’t used fabric that week. You have a life beyond quilting, and sometimes that life means you can’t quilt.

  10. I have just read all the other comments, I find that I am a bit slow in replying to this last episode. I love your podcast, I listen while I am working (nightshift commercial cleaner)
    this is my own business so no one can tell me off.

    You remind me so often that it’s OK to write lists of things you have to-do just so you can mark of the ones you have already done.

    We all love hearing about your feelings, your week and your cats and Fred.
    If someone doesn’t want to hear about these things and more, let them sit in their chair and twiddle their thumbs.

    Unless podcasting become a chore for you, and you don’t get any joy out of it, Please, Please, PLEASE, keep going, we ALL love you.

  11. Pam,

    I just finished listening to the podcast and echo many of the same sentiments that others commented on. I love hearing about quilting, life, books, recipes…whatever short or long. You are real and you always make me smile. Your listening audience is happy to hear from you whenever it works with your busy life. Thank you for all the time you put into the blog and podcasts.

  12. I enjoyed hearing about you and Jaye meeting, as she drive you through San Francisco. We met in Baltimore in January. I’m sure she was a little wide eyed as I was driving her through the city in the ice. Maybe someday I can make it to Atlanta and you can drive me around, to compete the cycle.

    She is a lovely person and I’m glad you got a chance to be with her. I felt like she asked questions and really wanted to hear the answers.

    If what you are doing on the podcast is 50%, well, I’m glad to have it. I enjoy hearing from you at the end of the week, as you navigate your worlds. I always appreciate seeing another woman figure out how to live and thrive in this busy world.

    I think you and I could share lots of Dilbert-like stories about our jobs. I don’t share on Social Media about my job, but can discuss/listen privately. Ask me about the 20-20 Vision!

    FYI-Louise Penny and AA have the same definition of FINE. Ask me how I know …

    All the best, Torie

  13. Getting caught up with you (how I miss our Friday night dates-a curse on Little League schedules!). I love when you talk about quilting, but I also just love listening to you talk. You’re funny, you’re honest, you’re wonderful company. You just need to find your happy place, podcasting-wise. Change things up, switch your focus, come up with a weekly topic, whatever makes you look forward to sitting down at the mic. You’re such an accomplished quilter-I’d love to hear from you on all sorts of different subjects, including design, process, how you pick projects, your opinions on different fabric lines and designers (the cattier the better). I’ve also always enjoyed your book reviews. Anyway, this is supposed to be fun, remember? Cut yourself some slack, sister! xoxo

  14. Late to the party because I am sooo behind on listening as I am in every other area of my life (disappointing all sorts of people daily!), but I have to echo the above. Also, I love WeezyWorks’s description of the podcast, and I totally agree with Daisy and Jaye that hearing about your process is good content.

    There is a third choice, you know. I’m still listening, and while I have noticed that you are doing less quilting and shorter episodes, it’s not that I’m too nice to point it out. You already know that life is different and busy right now, and in a way it is comforting because I’m in a similar place. I have barely touched my machine in 2015, and have you seen my blog? Ghost town.

    Speaking of time - and this goes for all podcasters - I’d rather have a shorter episode that makes me laugh or think or feel for you than an hour and a half of scattered monologuing. Even your episodes that have been light on quilt talk still do that. Don’t measure your podcasts just by time any more than you measure your quilting only by yardage.

    I would understand if you decided to stop because it isn’t fun for you anymore, but please don’t quit because you think we are no longer interested.

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