HtbaS - Episode 226

This week I talk about feeling under the weather, quilting feathers, and whatever rambles around in my brain.

Sue Nickels feathers - behold the beautiful uniformity:

Sharon Schamber feathers, preview video with no sound, but you can see the process:

5 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 226

  1. I’m normally sewing or pottering around while listening but today I’m listening in bed with my iPad so I can actually look at the pictures you’re referring to and comment while listening, craziness!

  2. 1) I will pay a penny per thought, but in order to receive payment you must write each thought down on a piece of paper to be signed by a certified phrenologist.

    2) I enjoyed your discussion of feathers. I am scared of feathers, though I draw them a lot when bored.


  3. I’m a multitasking listener too. Tonight your podcast wound up as the dishwashing did too, so instead of yelling comments at you up to my elbows in suds, I can actually write a comment!
    Hope your next needle stick goes better, hope your head cold winds up, intrigued by your 2020 vision, nice to hear your feather discussion and one block wonder tips, I really liked your Quiltus Interruptus and I loved the mini swoon you got in your brown bag.

  4. I agree with you in the thick stemmed feather methods. I believe it is more forgiving.

    Off topic, I saw an article talking about knitted cat hats. You immediately came to mind because of your sense of humor and your cats. In case you want a giggle ( or a new project) go to Sara Thomas’ blog at I think she also has an etsy shop with the same name. Too cute!

  5. I’m not sure it’s fair to yourself to compare Sue Nickels feathers & Sharon Schamber feathers because Sue told us in class that when it’s important she always marks her feathers. Just saying.

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