Scrapitude Scrap-in-a-Box - Finished!

I ventured forth at my own risk last month and finished the Scrap-In-A-Box top on my own before Charlotte released the last clue.  I’m pleased that mine didn’t come off too far from her own design.  I did 2″ sashing that finished at 1.5″ instead, and seem to be missing the 1 1/2″ squares for the cornerstones (and had the 1 1/2″ HST units in surplus).  It worked out because I just sewed two of the HST units together to make a square for the cornerstones.

Scrapitude Scrap in a Box

I hate being the sort of quilter that makes a good looking quilt and then spends the next 30 minutes telling you where all the mistakes are. So I’ll only spend 30 seconds: when I sewed one of the units wrong, it worked out okay for the main blocks (making them more “blocky” and square-ish), but I didn’t replicate the mistake on the setting blocks.  It’s not that obvious to the quilt muggles, though, so I still like it.

Scrapitude Scrap in a Box

Since it’s going to a teacher, I was entirely on board with using the Sweetwater math fabric for the inner border.

Of course it’s a modern quilt with this pieced back:

Scrapitude Scrap in a Box


Now I just need to label it and wrap it up!

5 thoughts on “Scrapitude Scrap-in-a-Box - Finished!

  1. I love it! I’m going to be honest….I looked and looked and I can’t find the mistake, or the inconsistency. I suppose I could zoom in on the pics, compare it to Charlotte’s original and find it, but this non-muggle says it looks great! I’m still behind, haven’t gotten the blocks together. I will, though. Spring is just a crazy season for the teacher types!

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