WIP Wednesday: Block(ing) Party

Quilt show turn in for the East Cobb guild show is Saturday, so I had to get my butt in gear and block the Lone(ly) Rainbow quilt so it would hang nice and flat. As a result, we’re having “dinner and movie night” since the dining table is otherwise occupied.

I’ve also been working on my Harry Potter blocks, still finishing up last week’s and doing today’s as well.  Since I have neither laundry to fold nor papers for work to write tonight, I think I can wrap those up this evening.

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3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Block(ing) Party

  1. That is one beautiful quilt! How about sharing your blocking technique with us? Other than spraying with water, and either ironing or manually stretching my quilt (while praying to the lying-flat-straight-edges-gods), I have never properly blocked a quilt.

  2. A beautiful quilt! I really, really like how you quilted it. I am with ZAny Mouse on hoping you share your blocking technique. I am at a loss on how you safely do that on your dining room table.

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