The New Cutting Table

State of the Stash - Avert your eyes… or “Why the jealous 13 year old boys could suck it when I won the Excellence Award in 8th grade for Shop class”. I’d like to point out I won the Excellence Award for Home Ec the same year. Thus is the dichotomy of my existence.

Anyway, here is what this area used to look like. In case you haven’t figured it out, this is going to be picture heavy.



New Cutting Table - 1

And here is my new cutting table. It’s 4 feet by 8 feet total. The primary base is two cabinet units from Home Depot when they had a half off sale. The 3-drawer unit is the “junk drawer” on top (calculator, paper, etc), batting scraps in the middle drawer, and apparel fabric in the bottom drawer. On the end is peg board with my small rulers, pinking shears, and my bottle of Best Press. Just above the pegboard is a tray for my applique pressing sheet and applique shears (a picture frame ledge from IKEA). My small drawer unit rolls under the countertop behind the base drawer unit.

When you roll the rolling drawer unit out of the way, you see where I store my Featherweight tote. Peel the onion back another layer and move the tote, you can see the long storage for batting rolls on top, and finished quilt storage on the bottom.

New Cutting Table - 2 New Cutting Table - 3

New Cutting Table - 4On top of the table, the purple slab at the end is my pressing surface. Going a slight bit to the right, here’s the view. My ruler storage holds my most frequently used rulers. My Daylight tabletop lamp (with magnifying glass for my old lady eyes, apparently). That basket is for scraps I need to cut into my standard sizes. Although you can’t see it, there’s a nice empty spot above my cutting mat to the right of the scrap basket, right in front of the window that will be a perfect Helper Cat perch. I need to make a nap mat to go there, I think. Knowing Helper Cats, though, I imagine they would sprawl willy-nilly and not stick to the designated spot.

New Cutting Table - 5On the other end of the cutting surface, I’ve got more pegboard storage. This is for my large rulers (20 1/2″ square and Shape Cut), my few quilting templates, and the t-square from my brief time as an architecture major in college. I changed my major to engineering before my first day of college. Here you can also see the bestest part ever: cupholders!

On the far left is a cupholder for tools, one for actual cups in the middle, and a cupholder I cut the bottom off of to make a receptacle for trimmings that will get put into pet beds.  If you look at the picture above, you’ll see a purple bin hanging from the table top.

New Cutting Table - 6

New Cutting Table - 7I can’t get a good picture of the cabinet doors with current lighting, so this picture is from before I attached them to the cabinets.  I added a little sewing touch each door by creating a fabric insert for each door from a different FQ from my Mama Said Sew! assortment.  I think I’ll use the other FQs to make other accessories for the sewing room, including the nap mat for the top of the table. So…. who wants to come over and play?

20 thoughts on “The New Cutting Table

  1. Meme! Your new cutting table is awesome! I with I had 8 feet straight in my sewing room :) I have 4 walls, 2 has windows, one a closet and an entrance door and I have 1 wall to work with :) It’s good to see the potential though! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Pam! I enjoy your show and I just came by this post again via Pinterest. I have a question. I am currently putting together a cutting table with some salvaged kitchen cabinets. Do you mind sharing what you used for the top? I am kind of stumped with that part. Thanks!

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