HtbaS - Episode 158

This week I talk about being in the throes of quilting Jingle. I’m so close to finishing, so let’s hope it’s done in time for my guild meeting the day after this posts.

7 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 158

  1. I haven’t finished listening yet, but I wanted to come and comment before I forget. I usually listen to podcasts while I’m working, and I jot down notes so I’ll remember to comment later but then I still forget. Anyway. Yay learning to knit! Handknit socks are awesome and comfy. Do you have a Ravelry account? There are billions and billions of sock patterns there. (I am wearing these right now: ) For non-binding socks, a really good way to go is Jeni’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off for toe-up socks, and I’ve heard that the twisted German cast-on is really nice and stretchy for top-down socks but haven’t tried it yet — planning to try that on my next pair.

  2. I was ironing the interfacing for my class tomorrow on The Professional Tote while listening to your podcast and would run to my desk to make notes for myself to help remember my comments back to you LOL.

    I just found this link on Facebook about a knitted Infinity Scarf. I’m a beginner knitter and think I would like to try one of these scarfs. She has a few video tutorials. I watched the “Cast On” one and it was very straight-forward and easy to watch.

    As I said earlier, I’m making The Professional Tote and know that you have made quite a few bags and pouches - How do you add Key Ring tabs to your bags?

    Thank you for the information about how you started and continue to calculate your Sunday Stash. Would you share your formulas on how you calculate used amount of fabric based on the amount of piecing in a block/quilt?

    Also, did you answer the questions that were posted on your BFSI post? I’m really curious if you would recommend ZombieRun?


  3. ooh I got a mention or two. I am famous… or is that infamous! Didn’t get square poisoning but caught myself thinking a couple of times “you just told us all about that”… think it was the school year stuff… then I would think… hang on… only yesterday for me but 6 months ago or whatever for listeners in real time. I didn’t comment on things as I was going along although there were often things I could have - that piqued my interest. I also avoided making too many comments on the other blog posts in case what I said or asked was answered later or would be totally inappropriate.

    Oh by the way you have inspired me to get back into running. In 2011 I completed the C25K program, after a couple of false starts and a strained toe and other bits and pieces. However I let it go completely. I have been counting my steps (an app on my phone) for the last couple of months and trying to get 10 000 a day, usually with the help of walking my 2 dogs twice a day (and sometimes walking a friends dog at the same time.) In the morning I would go on my own or with a friend for company and in the afternoon my husband usually comes with me. We live close to the river and once I get closer to it, where the road turns to gravel, I let the dogs off the leash (leash them up again if there are other dogs about or motor bikes) Its beautiful down there. Today I saw 3 kangaroos grazing on the grass which has freshened up beautifully on the burnt areas after the rain we have had. ANyway I have started the program again. Completed my first week today. My knees hate me and aren’t talking to you but I will persevere… I hope.

  4. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I’m iced in today. So, I made good use of my time getting caught up on podcasts. Good luck with learning to knit. I knit, too, and I’ve recently gotten into socks. Hand knit socks are the best.

  5. I was happy that I only gained one pound over Thanksgiving! I am working on a strength training challenge for January, for my Weight Loss Support group at the local Senior Center. I SO resonate with your fitness AND quilting sides!

    We are traveling in similar paths these days. I am looking forward to seeing more details on how you quilt your Jingle Belle quilt. My top is done and I might try to sandwich it today. I am nervous to actually DO the quilting part though. In the past I’ve stippled and MacTavished, and done straight lines. I feel the need to improve my methods on this quilt though. It deserves to be done better than I’ve ever done! I am going to make up a few holiday mug rugs to use as practice pieces for the newer quilting patterns that I hope to incorporate on Miss Jingle Belle.

    And like April, I live in Arkansas too…North Little Rock…and am iced/snowed in. I am getting a LOT of quilty stuff done. By ten this morning I had sewn on all three of my machines and am about to go cut up step two of the Celtic Solstice. Yesterday I finished cutting out step one and am sewing those today too.

    LOTS of quilty parallels with you! Enjoying the podcasts…thanks for doing them. :)

  6. Learning to knit with the goal of making socks for your Mum is such a beautiful thing. Two years ago my youngest was hit by a car while crossing the street. The miracle was that he survived but he was in a full cast for several months in Colorado in the winter. Brrr! I taught myself to crochet so that I could make sock things to cover his freezing exposed toes. I bet your products turn out better than mine although my son was really impressed, and that’s certainly something to be happy about.

  7. Finally caught back up on your podcast (just in the nick of time). Thanks so much for keeping me company on my commute, made longer and more dreary by all the rain. I was so glad to finally see the sun this week.

    Knitting??? I thought you had sworn to never, ever. Or maybe that was Sandy. By the way, I didn’t comment on the previous episode but that was a good one. So fun when you have guests drop by. 😉 We are Catch Phrase junkies for family gatherings as well.

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