Royal Gardens - Finished!

Royal Gardens - Done!

The first quilt I got done on the longarm Saturday was Royal Gardens, the Saturday Sampler from Tiny Stitches. It’s a bit of an odd size - 87×108″, and naturally was too big to hang on my clothes line.  I had to fling it over the railing on my back deck and let it hang down to photograph.

I had most of the center done when I picked up the final December block, and just needed to wait on the border kit to finish the top up.  Because the prints are so busy, it really only needed a simple all-over quilting design.

I’m still contemplating what to do with it - keep it for our house, or give it away to a person I have in mind that could use a quilting hug.  There’s a couple goofs where the backing puckered that make me think it’s not “good enough” to give away, so that’s what’s keeping me from making a firm decision right now (plus I could make this person another quilt anyway!)

Royal Gardens - Done!

5 thoughts on “Royal Gardens - Finished!

  1. Holy cow, woman!!! Do you sleep?

    Royal Gardens and Celtic Solstice are both beautiful! The colors you chose for CS are terrific. I saved the instructions for that but didn’t start it, but your finish is making me think of putting this higher on my list of things to do.

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