HtbaS - Episode 169

Owly ImagesIt’s the shortcast! A busy week means not much sewing or cooking, aside from panicky last minute prairie costumes and birthday cupcakes.


6 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 169

  1. Love her picture. I loved the Little House books and was broken hearted that my DD did not care for them. I had the set all ready and she was polite, but not interested. She did like the Betsy-Tacy books, so that was some consolation.

    I understand the work “stuff” very well. Would be interested in Skyping or Google Chatting some day about it.

  2. I am catching up a bit on episodes, but from #168 I think you should try the pumpkin black bean soup from I was not a huge black bean fan, until I tried them in this soup. We have had -40 degree wind hills all week, so I appreciate some good hot soup.

  3. Man how I wish I was still in the years of elementary and middle school kids. Back in the time when they were as sweet as yours. Not to say having adult kids isn’t amazing but seeing your beautiful daughter wearing her Laura dress is so wonderful.

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