HtbaS - Episode 203

4 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 203

  1. HaHaHa Pam I love listening to your podcast when I sew but…… I always get these looks from my family that think I just burst out laughing for no reason. Oh well! Thanks for the Pinterest links. Great podcast!

  2. Haven’t been commenting for a while. Its trickier when we are travelling. I only get to listen to your podcast when I am going to sleep… and then I can’t comment cause I am in bed and supposedly going to sleep. But I do nod along and chuckle silently and think of all these clever witty remarks to make in comments to you but then go to sleep and don’t remember to get on the computer and comment and by the time I do get on the computer I can’t remember my witty comments. Never mind. They probably were only funny in my head anyway. Sometimes our thoughts don’t translate well to the screen

  3. Gah! The internet broke at work yesterday and I thought of you immediately. Honestly, if people put as much effort into, you know, WORK, as they do coming up with ways to scam people they’d be gajillionaires anyway and wouldn’t have to steal.

    Thanks for the tip about Leaving Time. I have sworn off Jodi P’s books but was tempted after seeing some of the reviews. The last thing I need right now is a book that will irritate me.

    Will you be at any of the Tiny Stitches Grand Opening?

  4. Challenge accepted!

    What challenge, you ask? We selected the same colors for our scrapitude in a box! I will make two again, but noticed an overload of those colors in my stash, so version one is set,

    I still have many many many (many) blues, so I will go that way for number two.

    Love your podcast and miss you when you forget to post, but I assume I forgot to listen.

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