WIP Wednesday - Fame and Fortune

Can’t really show what I’m working on this week since it’s a secret until the guild swap reveal on Sunday, so instead, here’s a picture of my feelings after traveling last week (as portrayed by Fred)…

… and the promo video for the East Cobb Quilters Guild show in June!  I’m the one doing all the street interviews in the pink shirt, and in the blue and black paisley shirt sewing on the featherweight.

Ga Celebrates Quilts 2015 Promo from Ty Towriss on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - Fame and Fortune

  1. Great promo video!

    I listened to your recent podcast this week. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You don’t have to have completed lots of projects to talk with us. We enjoy hearing anything you are working on….I have similar issues making time for quilting.

    Just keep recording!

  2. Pam, You are one of the first podcasts I listen to every week. Somehow you always tie in something interesting about quilting/creativity and it’s always a fun listen. I would expect an individual’s ability to produce something like this to ebb and flow with the variances that happen in a busy life. You are just reflecting reality that we all deal with. If you decide you cannot continue your established pace with the podcast for a while, I would be fine with hearing you less often, but I would really miss you if you disappeared from podcast land and I couldn’t hear about your quilting life anymore. No pressure, just want you to know I appreciate whatever you can throw our way. BrendaW

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