HtbaS - Episode 225

I talk about the sociopathy of motherhood, hair plopping, how awesome you guys are, the mystery project I’ve been working on (and can reveal on Sunday), and some vague forecasting of new things I’ll be doing as part of my “2020 Vision”.

12 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 225

  1. First, I think I still have a stash of yours and your sister’s teeth. :)

    Second, you should have mentioned the bright green and yellow jungle print paper from our first house. :) The only mouse I remember is the one your sister trapped under the cookie tin late one night, then screamed for us, and Dad released it in the woods out back. However, I do remember there was some swearing during that whole papering project!

    Love ya!

  2. I can’t believe you were talking about baby teeth! I just threw out my kid’s baby teeth on Tuesday. I asked my kids, 18 and 14, if they wanted them and they both said no way. I couldn’t figure out why I would keep them. By the way, my son is 18 and still has 2 baby teeth to lose. He didn’t start losing teeth until he was 7. You talked about making another bag, I would like to suggest bag patterns by I have made several of her bags and they are great. The instructions are very detailed and her designs are very practical and functional while still being a nice looking finished bag. I love the podcast, I look forward to it every week.

  3. I am glad you are planning on continuing to podcast as I would reall miss you if you went. However, since it is completely voluntary on your part and we pay nothing for the pleasure of listening to you … do what you want to do. Its YOUR podcast. If people don’t like it they will stop listening but for the most part I am sure people will stick with you.

    I had all sorts of things I was going to comment on whilst I was listening but now I am here at the computer… can’t think of what they are

    I haven’t done a Sunday stash report for a few weeks… over April with the Blogging A to Z challenge I let my regular posts slide for the most part… Sunday was our day off and I took it. I know what you mean about it starting to control what you do. I am very reluctant to purchase fabric unless I know I am going to have something to record as outgoing. I like my numbers to go down all the time… or up… I like to have more usage than purchases. I keep meaning to ask you… are you actually posting to that linky party. It doesn’t seem to be active any more… am I missing something or are you just saying that you are posting and not really doing it?

    The other reason I haven’t posted is that I haven’t had any purchases or finishes well not for a few weeks anyway. Do have now. Must update the spreadsheet.

  4. Morning! Glad you are back in some sort of balance and planning on keeping the podcast going. I would miss not having you in my week. It is your podcast and you can chat about what ever you suits you at the time. We all have feelings, struggle with real life situations, feel mommy guilt and seek a balance. When you talk about any and all those things it helps the rest of rest of us and hopefully helps you. Some of us are ahead of your spot in the continuum of life, some have yet to get there but it helps us all. I also enjoy your quilty stuff and agree that making a number sometimes stifles the project. Share when you want and ask as you need. I gave up the weekly count. It did serve a purpose for helping me be mindful of what I had and also how much I sometimes actually accomplished but the mindfulness is now ingrained and the rest became a stressor.

    If you are looking for quilty things to share on a week when sewing is outweighed by corporate and family work then share your “Pamming it” program a few tidbits each week. Everyone that attended the meeting learned from it so spread the wealth further afield!

  5. I don’t often comment, because I listen to podcasts at work and to be honest I forget to comment later when I’m in front a computer/tablet. But I want to say that I was so happy to hear that you don’t have plans to change anything. I was worried after the last podcast. I so enjoy listening to you talk about anything. I have been a long time listener and always listen to you first when a new episode is downloaded. Just know that you have made me laugh, cry and be inspired. Thank you for all you talk about and to your continued geekiness.

  6. I just threw away my jars of my kids’ baby teeth. I decided, after 20 some years, that they were creepy. And the kids had no interest in them. Dentists here (Canada) give you the teeth they have pulled - in a special little plastic tooth box! Quite the keepsake!

  7. Hey Pam, I just listened to your last 2 podcasts back to back and wanted to add to the chorus of people who really enjoy your podcast. Of course if you’re not feeling it as much or feel like a less frequent podcast would mean better quilty content then I support you in that. But just to let you know I enjoy the ramblings on whatever is going on. I respect your right to keep some things private, I’m the same so just talk about whatever you feel like talking about, you’re still great company while I sew.

  8. 1. By coincidence, I had just cleaned out a drawer full of envelopes addressed to the Tooth Fairy. No dates and no names of the three kids who had submitted them. I had told the kids to put them in envelopes (so I could more easily extract them from under pillows). I did save a couple of labeled envelopes of baby curls. Kids do lose teeth into their teens, but if they are too old to believe in the tooth fairy, the tooth fairy does not visit them.

    2. My teenage daughter lives by the ‘Curly Girl’ method of taming her long and beautiful curly hair. She and her friends commonly walk around with ‘babushka’ style T-shirt wrapped hair. Her favorite is an old waffle weave long underwear shirt of mine. There is a book, or more than one. She has also learned which product ingredients supposedly works best, and fortunately, they are in the cheapest brands.

    3. Thanks for podcasting, and good luck in your 20-20 vision.

  9. I’m so glad to have made you laugh for so long. I cracked me up for a few minutes as well, and now I can imagine you and (the nearest cat available) sliding across a crowded cutting table. You have to make that “oophff” face as you do it.
    I now also feel super creepy because not only do I have kids teeth in my jewelry box, but a couple of my own and some puppy teeth. All hair and finger nail clippings are keep in a separate location. Wow, that is weird now that I see it in print. I blame it on Victorians and their creepy hair sculptures. I’m kidding about the nail clippings, but I do have a bowl of hair under my bathroom sink. For real, yo. Bwahahaha.
    Great episode, you sound relieved/ refreshed/ refocused!

  10. You sound much better this week, and I’m intrigued by your 20/20 vision. I’m imagining so many possibilities…will you be the next Alex Anderson or Jenny Doan (maybe the video was really an audition tape!)? I would love that!

    I remember my parents having to strip off the wallpaper in our house when I was about 7 and my brother was maybe 2. The walls of his room were covered in wallpaper that had pen and ink nudes with a little red flocking for a pop of color and texture. WTH?? There was definitely swearing involved.

  11. I’m a first time comment-er and had to laugh about the teeth, and a few other things. My son is 12 and just told me he has 3 loose teeth. I have two of my son’s teeth just laying on my dresser right now in baggies. I have a bottle of teeth for both my kids at “home” in Indiana. For the past 2.5 years we have been living in Berlin, Germany. I did not bother to pack the teeth bottles but now I don’t know what to do with these two teeth and the 3 that will soon come out. Yes, this is really not where I should be having this conversation. And the last time the Tooth Fairy forgot to visit and my son was annoyed. Oh well, good parenting can be overrated at times.

    I like to listen to podcasts about quilting since I cannot join a guild here because of obvious language differences. I brought a lot of projects and UFO’s with me when we moving and I am finally making progress on them. I thought it was crazy to bring them across the ocean and drag them back to Indiana in the same state. I am happy with my progress and have one big one to finish before we move back in July. The podcasts are good for me to keep learning abut new things and to know that I’m not just doing this type of hobby alone.

    Good luck as you continue to produce and try to find a new comfort zone. It will work out just fine.

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