Americana Quilt - Finished!

I put the final stitches on my project from Charlotte Angotti’s “Surprise Yourself” class a bit ago, and decided to be Fancy and use wool batting in it. Since I made it for my mom for “decorating” purposes, I thought the wool would be a good choice since it does not have as much of a memory for folds as a cotton batting would.

Americana Quilt

The premise of Charlotte’s class is that you make a bunch of units without really planning and then figure out how to pull them together. You can imagine how this process goes over with a planner like me. Let’s see, here’s a list of things I dislike in quilting:

  • Leftover bits
  • Feeling like I’ve wasted fabric by having leftover bits.

So my design evolved to make use of pretty much every four patch, HST, and tri-rec unit we made.

Americana Quilt

FYI, wool batting is very foofy. The cats had a great time playing with the bits sticking out from under the top after it was sandwiched.

The other good thing about a foofy batting (technical term is having “loft”), is that it shows off quilting really well. So, you know, no pressure! I did a mix of feathers, orange peel, and some meadering in the background area.

Americana Quilt

All of that quilting is easy to see on the back, which has my one leftover block and some pieces from the fabric my mom picked out for the quilt.

Americana Quilt

13 thoughts on “Americana Quilt - Finished!

  1. A-MAZing! I love the uniqueness of this quilt. No one has ever made one just like it :-) I also love the quilting. I find it terribly impressive that you do that on your domestic machine. I never got past meandering, then I moved up to a longarm so that’s probably all the further I’ll ever get. Seriously….love this quilt!

  2. You go, finishing all these quilts. This one is beautiful I know your mom will be over the moon when she receives it. I have often wondered how wool batting would work up. Now I know thanks for sharing this here. Those feathers are gorgeous. I really like the color choices for this quilt as well.

  3. Love the quilting! Those leftover bits drive me crazy too… which results in me using them in the back and the back looking like someone threw up all over it. But I just need those pieces GONE. Your solution is much snazzier. :)

  4. Wow! This turned out just fantastic! Say what you want about her method, but it clearly works for you. The design is one of a kind, and you did a fabulous job on the quilting!!

  5. I love this quilt! You could seriously publish a pattern of this sucker, I’d buy it…or you know, just spend all the time to create a fancy free tutorial cuz…you know…you have that kind of time. Nothing better to do, no quilts backed up, no kids home all summer, no job. Go for it 😉 I can barely post to Instagram these days and I have no kids!

  6. I really like this one. Green is my favorite color and I would never have thought to put it with the colors you chose, but I absolutely love it. Your mom is very fortunate! Also your quilting is incredible on this.

  7. I don’t think I would like this technique, either, but you really pulled it together. This really shows off your great quilting. Heirloom.

  8. It is gorgeous! Love it! Showed pictures to friends at dinner last night. They all love it too! And the QoV quilt! Thank you for making these beautiful creations. Love you!

  9. The wool batting really emphasizes your quilting. It’s a beautiful quilt! Another foofy batting, I think, is the Dream Cotton. Not a good idea to use it with the dark Kona colors. Very fuzzy and annoying, but I like the flatness.

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