Monthly Archives: December 2007

Looky What I Made!

When my sister bought her first house in October, I offered to make her something for it. I suggested a quilt for my niece’s bed (she got a new day bed), so when I was in Ohio in November with the two of them, we went to the fabric store so she could pick out some fabric. The fabric she picked out was the green fabric with monkeys on it, and then I got the blue and the giraffe print to go with it. The purple (which is a wee bit overpowering, but still works okay, I think) and the larger monkey print I got once I got home.

Since it was for a twin size daybed, I made it a little longer than a standard twin quilt since I thought it would be hanging over the head and the foot of the mattress. For those that are familiar with quilting terminology, I stitched in the ditch around all the squares and the purple inner border. Within each square, I alternated one of three patterns - a leaf like the print, a banana, and a squiggle like the vine the monkey is hanging from in the outer border. For the outer border, I just quilted to follow the print along the trees, leaves, and vines.

Here is a wide shot of the full quilt (crappy lighting not withstanding):

It’s the biggest quilt I’ve done so far as I’ve stuck with play quilts and baby quilts to date, so I was quite pleased that it turned out so well (both for me and for my niece!). I got it shipped off just in time for it to get there for Christmas.

I’m currently working on Bloomer’s baby quilt (yes, she will be two next month - thank you for asking - once I post pictures of it, it will make sense why I waited so long to do her baby quilt). After that I’ll be working on a full-sized quilt for her “big girl” bed and a matching doll bed quilt for her birthday.