Monthly Archives: August 2008

Quilty McQuilterson

You know, apple cobbler served warm out of the oven is really good topped with vanilla ice cream. My MIL keeps giving us apples from their tree - the sort that is good for baking but not eating raw- and they are an annoying size. Not big enough to really get a lot of “meat” out of it for the effort required to cut, but small enough that they furrow together in the bucket to look picturesque. You’ll note, however, there are no pictures of them.

So far, I’ve made apple cobbler, applesauce, apple bread, and now apple cobbler again. And I have enough apple to make either more bread, sauce, or cobbler all over again. Unless some of you have a suggestion for an apple product that is not a pie - I don’t care how easy your pie recipe is, I’ve made my non-pie laden bed and I will be wallowing in it, thankyouverymuch. If Brief wants a pie, he can go to his mom’s house. And pleased to not be bring back any more apples when coming home!

In other news, I’ve finished several quilts! If you are my niece getting married this October, do not read any further unless you want to be spoiled on either your wedding gift. The other finished quilt is for someone who doesn’t get on the internet, so no worries there, but my mom knows who it is for. I’ve also finished the quilt top for the lap quilt I’m donating to Good Mews for their auction, but I won’t post pictures of it until it’s quilted and done. Ditto for the quilt for Bloomer’s bed, which is put together but not quilted.

This is my niece’s wedding quilt - a bit nontraditional, frankly, but she asked for bright colors. It’s sort of lap-sized, in that it’s not big enough to fit a bed, but it’ll probably cover her and her new husband quite well. I got the center squares of fabric first, and then picked the rest of the fabrics to coordinate. You can’t tell real well from the pictures, but the center squares are rotated about 10 degrees, instead of straight on.

Here is a close-up, if you’re interested. In the picture, it sort of makes me dizzy. Oh well - at least she’ll have a new husband to catch her when she swoons from looking at it!

This is a slightly less cacophonous quilt that will be a Christmas present:

This pattern is called Disappearing Nine Patch (as opposed to the first one, which is called “Some Crap I Made Up”). If you look at this close-up, you can see that the black blocks have leaping cats in them.

Also, here is the very first quilt I ever did, which is Boxer’s baby quilt. Looking back at it, I didn’t really quilt it that much, just around the appliques, so I may go back and do some more one day. It’s still hanging in his room right now.