Monthly Archives: December 2008

Shelves of Doom: FINALLY

I’m sure everyone remembers waaay back in March when I blogged about how Brief had nearly chopped off a finger (or two) using the Table Saw of the Damned to make some adjustments to the shelves I had started while he was out of town earlier in the year. His fingers are fine now, aside from having not very much feeling in the middle one where it got mangled.

And then the summer dragged on and neither one of us was going to get near the TSotD, and then he finally got some thick gloves and finished up the last little bit. Then we had to jimmy the shelves in place and paint them and whatnot, and so now, here it is 9 months later and they are done! Hooray!

Sorry about the weird flash effect here - the lower walls are actually a brick red and not pink. The shelves fit under the part of the kitchen counter that juts out into the breakfast area (you can see part of the chair on the very left of the picture above). There’s a couple pieces of masking tape to come off of the end there, but that’s going to require a razor to extract.

I used a Deka curtain wire from Ikea for the curtains to hide the less glamorous looking sewing accessories like my serger, magazines, and other baskets and tidbits. Right now the kids are enjoying having their games in a new place, although they used to be on shelves right next to where these are now, but New and Exciting is always better apparently. The metal containers on the top shelf house Play-Doh and paint supplies so at least we can hear if they try to get them out and make a mess.

It’s good to have them done. They’re not perfect, but then, nothing is. I look forward to getting an extra cabinet from my parents over Christmas to put the rest of my sewing stuff up in so it’s not out all over the place anymore.