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Daisy Cheese Chair

This week, I finally finished the reupholstery project I start a couple months ago. When Boxer moved into his Big Boy Bed, he got a re-furbed chair that we’ve since named the Denim Marshmallow, but since Bloomer’s Big Girl Bed is a full-size, it’s big enough to pile in and read books in. Thus, her new chair didn’t need to be as big. I picked up this on at the yard sale for Good Mews last year for $10. Of course I forgot to take the Before picture of it, so this is the best I could do:

Note: it didn’t come with the writing on it. That’s what you do in the re-upholstery process. But the fabric was… odd. Cute, I’m sure, but certainly not within the decor of her room. And it was shredded in some places, which is merely the hazard of getting furniture from a yard sale with items donated by people with cats.

And here is Bloomer, enjoying her new chair (with Blanco Bear). This is one of MANY shots she had me take because she likes saying “CHEESE!”. I also have several of just Blanco in the chair.

The skirt’s a bit poofier than I would like, but I think it will settle down once I steam it some. I like this size chair because it could work at a desk or a vanity for her, or it can just be a reading chair if that’s what she wants. I originally had planned to recover a love seat with this fabric, but I just didn’t want to tackle that project after thinking it over (and I hate working on the fussy shell-pattern back it had - ugh). That means, though, that I have quite a bit of fabric left over. Not a bad thing, since I inherited an old wood chest from my mom that currently has some plaid fabric on it that I can replace with this daisy print for her room (and add some safety hinges).

Now if we could only get her to sleep in her new room… (but I’m not complaining too much, such in the crib she’s contained at night!)

At Least I Got This Up Before She Turned Four

So, yeah. Bloomer had a birthday. Last month. And then I couldn’t find my camera cord. But then I did!

These are the crowns I made for party favors. They have velcro in the back, since I figure not every child has a melon the size of my kids. Bloomer kept the pink one, of course.
Instead of the grand plan for tarps on the living room carpet for the kids to eat on, I ended up just doing up the table we normally eat at since the number of attendees was so small.

Here she is partaking of some pre-party Princess Graham Snacks, about 8 of them all shoved in her delicate piehole. Notice the pink cake under glass. The plates and napkins are strategically placed over some spots on the tablecloth I didn’t have time to wash before the party started. We also had watermelon, as it was pink. Perhaps I should have had some ham out, too, but that seemed sort of weird.
Once the action got rolling with the cake and whatnot, of course I forgot to take pictures, although we do have some of her opening presents. She got her first Barbie, which came with a mommy dog and 3 puppies. Barbie has been sitting on the fireplace for a month now, and the puppies have been played with mightily and are scattered throughout the house. She also got the Memory game, with the 10,000 cards that you turn over in a grid and try to match them based on memory. Right now, it’s more of an exercise in matching them when they all face up in a pile on the floor, but she’s enjoyed it.
Up next, the long-awaited Pre-K Sweetheart’s Dance write-up!