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Mom & Dad’s Quilt: Progress Report #5, "There, I Fixed It"

There are times in my life when I appreciate my experience for the skills it has given me. Being a math nerd. Loving a good spreadsheet. Being handy with power tools. Becoming more adventurous with cooking. Sewing.
I’ve already demonstrated the combination of spreadsheets and sewing in this quilt project. And so, when contemplating a way to make the free-motion quilting easier for this king-sized quilt, I had to draw on lots of those other skills. It started with this little adaptation from a couple months ago:

This simply extends the base of the sewing machine level with the throat plate so there’s not a lot of drag from the part of the quilt you’re not sewing on. Which is great for smaller quilts, but not terribly helpful for a kind-sized quilt. We made it with a couple laminate shelves with 1 1/4″ dowel rods for legs with rubber stops screwed into the bottom. Typically to buy an extension table like this is $200. I think we spent $25 on this.
Side note: That is an architect’s scale in the pencil trough of the drafting table I use as a sewing table. And no, it’s not easy to explain to a five year old how it works. Mostly it’s used to push Matchbox cars out from under that car, and I guess that’s all a five year old needs to know about it right now.
So overcoming the problem of the What To Do with the Rest of the King-Sized Quilt, I drew on all those skills. And in the immortal words of teh interwebs, “There, I Fixed It.” (this website is an awesome testament to just about every senior project I saw at Georgia Tech’s engineering school)

Yes. That is a card table. Elevated on cans of tuna, corn, and beans (and two cat food tins as well). With a piece of plywood clamped to the side to prevent the quilt from falling on the floor.
Also worth noting: the round cat bed under the table is eschewed in lieu of the crate right next to it. Cats are weird. Neither bed has been slept in since this kludge-fest, which may also be a testament to how intelligent cats are.
I’m pretty sure that is the pinnacle of all things I can achieve in my life. Until I learn how to use a blow-torch, that is.

Mom & Dad’s Quilt: Progress Report #4, Frankenquilt

So! I got all the nine patch blocks chopped up and twisted around. Like so:

Then they had to actually be reassembled and sewn up. And arranged on the card table to take pictures.

Here’s a secret: I’m farther along than this. I actually got them all sewn together and the first (of three) borders sewn on. HOWEVER. There may be some sabotage in putting the other two borders on.

I’m not naming names. I’m just sayin’.