Monthly Archives: December 2009

For the Rest of Us!

I’ve tried to sit on this for another couple of days until the Christmas/Festivus party we’ve been invited to with the White Elephant gift exchange this will be a part of, but it amuses me too much. It’s like that weird compulsion to write about boogers and poop on a blog… must… share… with… internet. When I heard that the historical “winners” of the gift exchange in the past included Elvis Pez dispensers and a sample of the Joan Rivers perfume collection, I knew I had to bust out the craft skills for our contribution.

I really think that “plaid” should be the official color of Festivus (for those not familiar with Festivus, you can read more about it here). This hand-embroidered and machine quilted wallhanging represents 3 of the 4 important traditions of Festivus (from left to right): The Airing of Grievances, Alcohol, and Feats of Strength. We’ll also have a Festivus pole to go along with this lovely gift.

I’ve been on a tear since finishing the king-sized quilt, so its nice to see projects move along. I also spent some time organizing my fabric stash and reorganizing my sewing area, although it still sort of looks like a fabric store exploded in my house. I can only imagine what sewing a giant pink fuzzy kitty will do for the fuzz quotient in the house.

OH HAI. And also a Quilt Progress Update

Well, that unplanned blogging break was brought to you by panicky crafting and heartburn. And a crapload of quilting thread. And some cans of corn!

I did it. The king-sized quilt is finished. And on my parents’ bed. And I finished it before they arrived at my house, which was the goal all along. That, of course, freed up the cans of corn holding up the extension table to be used for Thanksgiving dinner.

My mom is going to be posting of a picture of the quilt in action over on her blog, but in the mean time, here’s the best I could take at my house. Someone wouldn’t move off the bed so I could lay it out properly. Here’s a hint who that was:

“All ur king sized beds are belong to me.”

Here’s a little close-up of the borders.

Technical bits:

  • Large-scale meandering in the center
  • Serpentine stitch on the brown border
  • Pebbling on the circle-print border
  • Small-scale meandering on the aqua border

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got 3 quilts done for the children’s hospital, and 3 more to finish before Thursday night. One to bind, one to quilt and bind, and one to piece, quilt, and bind. And we have some insane Christmas decorations outside, which are pretty extreme for the Grinch I married. So yes! There has been lots of cursing going on around here.

Check back tomorrow for the giveaway I’m participating in for Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day!