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HtbaS - Episode 15

It’s Return of the Helper Cat! Zapper makes her presence known, and I need to wash my microphone. I talk about the Groundhog Day quilt I’m making, little green men, magazine clean-outs, and some feedback I’m soliciting.

The Marketplace: Handwork of India project info can be found here. And here are the blocks I made from my scraps (I made two of the one on the left):

Blocks for Marketplace

Here’s my Saturday Sampler block from Tiny Stitches:

Saturday Sampler

Groundhog Day blocks from the Random Reflections pattern:

Groundhog Day Blocks

Layer Cake Quilt Along - Block 7

Block 7

I dipped into my stash of white (graph paper-y) yardage to do the outer “bars”. I might like the look of a darker border to frame it, but I think I’ll be using the lime grunge print for the sashing so it’ll come out okay.

I almost passed out when I saw how well I did on the points. Hooray for precision piecing!

HtbaS - Episode 14

It’s the downercast! I am bummed, and have not accomplished much. To keep my bummed out mood from spreading too much, I keep it short.

I’ve just realized I called Colleen “Connie”. Sorry about that, Colleen, and thank you again for the input on the knee lift.

Here is Zoom eying my hand-quilting frame (while laying on the AMQG donation quilt I need to put the sleeve on):

And here’s a close-up of my snail-pace hand-quilting:
Hand Quilting Close-up

HtbaS - Episode 13

Greetings from Hothlanta! I survive the SNOWPACOLYPSE, and focus on hand-sewing, rocking like the Ma Ingalls in the wilderness.

My “January/February” quilt, in honor of my Grama Eddie, whose favorite color was red. I love that red toile!

The scraps I submitted for the AMQG scrap project exchange:

AMQG Scrap Exchange Contribution

Welcome to Hothlanta

Ya’ll, I am at the end of day 3 of SNOWMAGGEDON here in the Atlanta area. Thursday is also a snow day officially, and I suspect the counties are just going to chuck it all and call school off for Friday as well since Monday is already a holiday. I am fortunate that the roads were clear enough to get the kids to my in-laws to give everyone a break, because while the SNOWPOCALYPSE canceled school and many businesses, I work from home. My new co-workers are not exactly conducive to productivity.

I will surely be podcasting on Friday if only for the human contact. I haven’t left the house since sometime on Sunday.

Stay safe and warm! And sane.

P.S. - Send thread and liquor.

HtbaS - Episode 12

I talk about Christmas cooking (alien poop trifle, anyone?), quilty gifts given and received, my picnic quilt, and some book recommendations and iPod tips.

Books mentioned in the podcast:

Picnic quilt:

Corner “pocket” - the pocket is just sewn in with the binding to make a place to slip a rock or some sand in to keep the quilt from flipping up in the wind.

Notepad Covers:
Miscellaneous teacher and relative gifts:

Vampire cover for my niece (teeth come from the paper pieced blocks at

Nook covers for my mom (Standing pattern here, and side flap cover inspired by this one)