When Hexagons Attack

I’ve been a bit slack in posting my piece of this mayhem, and you may already know some of the background. In case you don’t…

So let’s do this thing! Only, I can’t really yet. I just got my fabric, and am still waiting on my triangle ruler. But here’s my plan.

  • I plan on making a generous lap-sized quilt, about 55×65″ for the hexagon center. Right now I’m thinking I’ll be adding a 6″ border around the hexagon center, which would make it 67×77″ finished
  • I’ll be cutting my hexies to 6″, which means 5.5″ finished height. For the center size I’m looking at, that comes out to about 121 hexies, not counting any halves I’ll need to make a straight edge to attach the border to.
  • I will be using a FQ assortment as well some coordinating strips I’ll be pulling from my stash. I can get 6 hexies per FQ at the size I’m using.  The assortment (note: Jaye should not click that - it’ll freak her out) I’m using has 21 FQs in it, which comes out to 126 hexies. Since I want a little more variety I might not use all the FQ fabric. But then I’ll have creepy sock monkey fabric leftover and the monkeys might come to life and kill me in my sleep, so I’ll have to think of something to do with it. (Note: I wasn’t bothered by sock monkeys until Jaye mentioned it, and now I can’t unsee their evil eyes.  I have a tendency to pick up other people’s phobias. At least it’s not the cymbal crashing monkey, though. That thing is FREAKY).

My ruler’s ETA is next Monday or Tuesday, so I’ll be able to start cutting then, assuming I’ve got my Project Modern Quilt under control.  In the mean time, to get you started, here’s some basics of the techniques we’re using:

We’re structuring this as a “Loose Quilt-Along”, or perhaps a “Point and Laugh Along” for those that want to participate as a spectator. If you’d like a badge of honor, feel free to grab this one from my flickr stream (as posted in my sidebar over there).  My goal is to have my quilt done for a Christmas present.

7 thoughts on “When Hexagons Attack

  1. I think I’ll do the spectator laugh along. I’m making a quilt with flowers and birds, and needed some pieced flowers, so I considered using hexies ala Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I just don’t think they’re my thing, so I’ve designed a tulip using half and quarter square triangles instead. Good luck w/ your monkey madness.

  2. Gee, imagine you spoofing Star Wars. Go figure! (and I agree, the sock monkies are kind of creepy. Kind of like a cross between bad acid and Sesame Street). LOL Now I have Bare Naked Ladies running through my head . . . “another postcard with chimpanzees . . . .”

  3. Love the idea of Point and Laugh along! Just my kind of project. You did all the right warnings and I clicked on the sock monkey link anyway. Love those dots (wouldn’t dots only make a great hexagon quilt?), but those sock monkeys creep me out. Sorry to share the creepiness. I think your niece would like a dot hexagon quilt.

  4. OMG, I can’t believe You did this video! It’s awesome! 🙂 I still have to listen to the podcast, just looking at the show notes first since I’ll be listening in the car while driving and it’s easier to understand if I’ve seen the pictures first. 😉

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