Extreme Room Makeover: Racetrack Edition

Rather than beat around the bush, I’ll start off with the coolest part of my son’s “new” room:
Nerf gun rack!
The Nerf gun rack! It’s the first thing you see when you walk into his room. It’s made from pegboard painted to match the wall, with 4″ pegs dipped into Plasti-Dip to give a little more grippy-ness.  For those interested in the construction, this is what the back looks like:
It’s backed with a frame of 1×2’s, screwed in from the front. Very simple to do, and then mounted to the wall into the studs with screws.  Here’s a close-up of one section of the finished piece:
The bandolier made from my dad’s old fatigues is hanging on the far left.  I also got some baskets to fit into the pegboard to hold the smaller items.  Anywho, if you look at the first picture, you’ll see the closet door just to the right. But it’s no ordinary closet!

It should be no surprise that we have secret labs at my house. I made that using a tension rod and a yard and a half of fabric, and fused the letters onto the fabric.

And now, we’ll circle the room counter-clockwise. Curtains! My son said his favorite number was 96. I have no idea why.  The fabric on the valance is racing helmets and checkered flags.

And here’s the rest of the elements: tire wall clock, posters, etc.

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