HtbaS - Episode 161

A rather scatterbrained podcast as I record my part in 3 sessions during family activity, and include the blooper reels from my conversations with Allison, Daisy, Jaye, and Tanesha. Sadly no bloopers for Sandy since we just dived into the conversation, and you can’t actually hear Tanesha in her reel, but imagine her making a lot of grand hand gestures while on a video call.

4 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 161

  1. great to hear from you. Hope you had a great Christmas and that you enjoy the New Year as well. Our Christmas Day was celebrated on Boxing Day when my daughter (she of Fangirl Stitches) flew in from the UK. She is home to live now so it will be great having her at home again. She recently discovered Dr Who fabric on Spoonflower and is dropping very loud obvious hints that I should make her a Dr Who Themed quilt too!!

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