The Allons-y Aeroplane Bag (and Another Thing)

Allons-y Aeroplane Bag

I finished this bag many, many, many months ago, but sat on it (not literally, although the cats did) until now as it was a gift for my sister for Christmas.

You might have guessed that I like Doctor Who. As does my sister.  I wanted to make her a bag, and figured it would be the perfect coming together of timelines to make her a Doctor Who themed bag.  The “Allons-y” phrase was uttered by the 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant.  The exterior is a TARDIS blue, in as close to woodgrain as I could get.

Allons-y Aeroplane BagThe bowtie fabric is a nod to my favorite Doctor, the 11th, played by Matt Smith.  Alas, I did not have any fez fabric to use, but bowties are cool.  And hey, I fit the entirety of space and time inside the interior pocket.

As always, I recommend Sara’s patterns, and this version of the Aeroplane bag is one of several I’ve made.

Bonus inclusion of another gift I made for that side of the family!  These little quilted letters were made for my New Niece using this tutorial from some layer cake squares.

Quilted Letters

8 thoughts on “The Allons-y Aeroplane Bag (and Another Thing)

  1. Love the bag. Lots of Dr. Who fans at my house too. Hubby’s Dr Who gift was the BBC book The Vault treasures from the first 50 years and my son in law was the recipient of tardis slippers. Several of the stocking stuffers were also Dr Who themed. Hope you you enjoyed your Christmas.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tutorial for those quilter letters, lots of little ones around (and more appearing all the time) who would love these (as would their parents).

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