Paparazetti Baby Quilt - Finished!

I finished this baby quilt a couple days ago, but between rain and Christmas, I’m just now getting the pictures posted.  I’m going to star the post with a picture of the “Mama” quilt this was inspired by, the Paparazzi quilt designed by my friend Chris (pattern for sale here!).

Paparazzi Quilt

I gave Paparazzi to one of my husband’s cousins (or 2nd cousin - families are hard!) for a wedding gift.  Lo and behold, they announced a pregnancy shortly thereafter, so I knew that all those “waste” triangles from making Paparazzi would come in handy in a baby quilt for the same couple.  So I present the Paparazetti baby quilt:

Paparazetti Baby Quilt

Paparazetti Baby Quilt

I threw a little more teal into the baby version than the original to tweak the color scheme just a bit.  We know it’s a baby girl, so the colors worked out well.

Each block measures 6″ finished, so my waste triangles were some weird size unfinished since it’s a 4×4 block layout.  Depending on the fabric placement, some blocks looks like spinwheels, and some look like throwing stars.  What a super cozy theme for a baby quilt: dizziness and death.  Hmm.  At least the colors are pretty!

Once I can stomach going back to the post office after the holiday season, I’ll get it shipped off to the expectant couple.

5 thoughts on “Paparazetti Baby Quilt - Finished!

  1. I love this baby quilt I’ve binded three quilts in the last week and was wondering what I would do with the bonus triangles from joining the binding strips together. Will have to pull them out of the crumb bin and keep for a quilt like this.

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