WIP Wednesday: Working for a Living

I’m out of town this week, so I’m mostly working on a massive set of blisters from walking from one end of the Vegas strip to another. Because I could. And today I get to stand up for nine hours at a trade show booth for my company. Yowza!

IMG_20140806_064000Of course I decided I needed a crossbody bag to take with me on this trip at the last minute as my usual purse was a bit too large, but I needed more than a wristlet.  I finally dipped into my stash of Catnip FQs and made this little bag with some Lizzy House Pearls as well.

It’s sitting in the poorly cropped photo with my Sew Together bag since I brought a batch of EPP sections to work on. Row 5 got attached before I left, so these are for row 6 out of 13.


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Working for a Living

  1. Do tell - do you wish the pockets in the Sew Together Bag had see-through sides? I have the pattern and have wondered if I would always be un-zipping the wrong pocket when searching for something.

  2. Enjoy the booth. I have not had to do that for past 2 years. I like the cross body bag. I am very proud to know someone that just whips up a new bag. :-)

  3. Cute bag- I just love that Lizzie House line! I keep thinking I need to make a skirt with those eggplant balloon kitties but then talk myself out of it every time (because, you know, balloons…). 😛

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